Real Estate 3-13-14

March 13, 2014

in Real Estate

real-estate-for-saleThe following real estate transactions have been reported by the Pettis County Recorder of Deeds:

• Virgil Ray Ellison to William Ronald Ellison, quit claim deed.

• Norma Katherine Byrd to Viola E. Vinyard, warranty deed.

• Viola E. Vinyard to Heather D. and Todd Owen, warranty deed.

• Larry D. Wilson Farms Inc. to Joseph A. and Jeannine A. Dove, warranty deed.

• Joyce K. and Adam B. Fischer, Judy and Gerald Hacock and Janet and Jerry Lewman to Larry D. Wilson Farms Inc. warranty deed.

• Joyce K. and Adam B. Fischer, Judy and Gerald Hancock and Janet and Jerry Lewman to Larry D. and Rosalee L. Wilson, warranty deed.

• Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Aleksandr and Yevgeny Zayats, warranty deed.

• McNearney Pittenger and Associates LLC and Troy W. and Tanya Trimnal to Green Planet Servicing LLC, foreclosure deed.

• John Rodney Collins and Susan D. Young to John Rodney Collins, quit claim deed.

• Harold and Michelle S. Gaertner to Harold and Michelle S. Gaertner, warranty deed.

• Stefany A. Routon to Nicholas B. Benscoter, warranty deed.

• James and Norma Sumner to Caleb D. and Casey M. Sumner, warranty deed.

• Kristi Wallace to Kyle Heyer, quit claim deed.

• George M. and Dolores M. Perkins to George M. Perkins, trustee, George M. Perkins Revocable Trust, Dolores M. Perkins, trustee, and Dolores M. Perkins Revocable Trust.

• Michelle K. Hansen to Duane E. Points, quit claim deed.

• Millsap and Singer PC and Shirley A. and Rex G. Weatherby to JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association, foreclosure deed.

• Paul A. Albin and Substitute Trustee Corp. to Bank of American National Association, trustee’s deed.

• Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Harold Gaertner, warranty deed.

• Natasha and Greg Zerbey to Kimberlee and Patricia Spry, warranty deed.

• John Phillip and Chriscinda Leeann Janson and Jeff Dull, trustee, to SA Holdings Inc., foreclosure deed.

• Stafford M. Swearingen, trustee, Gena H. Swearingen, trustee, Stafford M. Swearingen Revocable Trust, John R. Swearingen, trustee and Lori R. Swearingen, trustee to SJS Farms LLC and John R. Swearingen Trust, warranty deed.

• Estate of Mary Theresa Ripley and Cheryl Denise Hofstetter, personal representative, to William L. and Vivian B. Douglas, representative’s deed.

• JP Morgan Chase Bank National Assocication to Joseph B. and Polly J. McDonald, warranty deed.

• Bank of America NA to Wayne Walter Clark, trustee, Frances Louise Clark, trustee, Walter Wayne Clark Living Trust and Frances Louise Clark Living Trust, warranty deed.

• Timothy Jackson to Brian Jackson, quit claim deed.

• Richard J. Mc Guire to Eugene L. Karman, trustee, Ellen E. Karman, trustee, Eugene Karman Trust and Ellen Karman Trust, warranty deed.

• Daniel W. and Silvia C. P ortillo Koch to Jamie P. Schliebe, warranty deed.

• Christopher A. Spence, trustee, and Christopher A. Spence Revocable Trust to Christopher A. and Jennifer L. Spence, trustee’s deed.

• Lawrence and Helen Adams to Jerry Lewis, warranty deed.

• Donna Verlee and Maria Bowen to Nancy Morris, quit claim deed.

• Substitute Trustee Corp. and Cynthia Ruth Hopper to W. R. Robert Luckow, foreclosure deed.

• Rebekah J. Gallagher to Nicolas R. Gallagher, quit claim deed.

• Nicolas R. Gallagher to Amy B. Thompson, warranty deed.

• Michelle and Ryan Ulmer to Russell E. and Bobbi L. Patrick, warranty deed.

• Rodolfo Moreno and Rachel R. Stockstill to Arnwine Constrution LLC, warranty deed.

• Hank Bradley Storage Inc. to David and Terri Ballard, warranty deed.

• Donald W. Cornett, administrator, and Estate of Joe M. Cornett to Donald W. Cornett, representative’s deed.

• Conrad E. and June Stephens to Conrad E. and June Stephens, quit claim deed.

• Raul and Phoebe Claire Madelaine Romero to Rand Bankovich, warranty deed.

• Rand Bankovich, trustee, and Sandra D. Bankovich Trust to Jerry and Theresa Poteet, trustee’s deed.

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