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Mayoral candidate talks of changes made under his tenure

March 13, 2014

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Kyle Siegel

Allen Hawkins, former mayor of Sedalia from 1976 to 1982, is currently running for mayor of Sedalia once again after a 32-year absence from the position. Hawkins also served on the city council for two terms before becoming mayor of Sedalia.

According to Hawkins, while mayor of Sedalia, he was instrumental in many new changes to Sedalia at the time. Some of the accomplishments include the hiring of a city finance officer, the addition of fluoride to the city’s drinking water, setting up emergency snow routes with the city engineer Bob Cunningham, the hiring of the first economic director, the purchasing of thermal image cameras for the Sedalia Fire Department, as well as many others.

Currently, Hawkins is a member of the American Legion Post 642, the VFW Post 2591 and the 40 & 8. He is also a member of several local civic clubs.

Hawkins was asked how the decision to run for mayor again came about.

“People had called me saying Sedalia is not going anywhere and they also said let’s see if I would run again. These people are lawyers, preachers and the man on the street. I had done a good job before. Normally I go to Florida for the winter months and after talking to them, I decided to stay and file,” Hawkins said.

When asked how the response has been to his campaign, Hawkins replied, “The response has been very good. People call me all the time wanting signs.”

Hawkins was asked if he has a committee helping him during this election and if this election is comparable to the ones he was involved in during his two terms as mayor.

“I don’t have a committee. Most of the people know me and asked me to get involved again. I told them I would think about it and I did. The campaign has been about the same. The issues always need to be addressed,” Hawkins said.

Hawkins mentioned some of the things he would like to see accomplished or initiated if elected.

“If elected, the mayor’s office will be open 24/7 for any questions or need. I am just a phone call away, or you can come to the office,” Hawkins said.

He added, “I feel the mayoral position should be full-time with full-time pay. People expect this of their city leader, and it would enhance the business and professionals to seek office.”

He added, “We may need more revenue for the city and more annexation for the city to grow and prosper. Action must be honest and unbiased.”

Hawkins also feels that the implementation of the Clean Air Sedalia smoking ban was handled poorly.

“It should have been on the ballot. Not left upon the city council to vote, or without the will of the people,” Hawkins explained.

Other items of concern from Hawkins include budget concerns, city plans, roads, housing, sewer systems, the police and fire departments, and the welfare and safety of all citizens and neighborhoods.

Hawkins was asked if he had any words for the voters in the upcoming April election.

“I would like to have their support. Future growth and expansion will be on my agenda. I want the city to be safe. I want to ensure the citizens and businesses that I will not violate their civil rights. That has been a problem. If they want to call me with any questions or concerns, they can give me a call at (660) 826-2254.”

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