Rehmer files for office of Prosecuting Attorney

February 27, 2014

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AndrewRehmerAndrew Rehmer was unable to file on the first day of filing, February 25, due the fact that he was conducting a trial of a man charged with the Molestation of a three-year-old female child. After an all-day trial, the Defendant was found guilty of 1st Degree Child Molestation.

“While it was unfortunate that I was unable to file for office on the first day, my obligations to see that this child predator faced justice far out-weighed the need to file.” Rehmer continued, “I’ll trade being first on the ballot for protecting our child victim any day of the week.”

Despite being unable to file on the first day, Rehmer reiterated that he is fully committed to running for Prosecuting Attorney, “Pettis County is where I was born and raised, where I went high school, and the place I’ve always called home. This community has given me so much through the years that I cannot sit idly by and watch as the streets of Sedalia are over-ran with drug activity, while victims of crime have no voice, while dangerous and violent criminals are immediately released on the streets because it wasn’t worth the prosecutor’s time to get charges filed within 24 hours. It’s time for a new day in Pettis County.” Rehmer continued, “It’s time that drug dealers realize that Pettis County has become a far too dangerous place for them to peddle their poisons to our children, its time that violent offenders know that they will face real consequences for their victimization of our citizens, its time that I put my experience to work in Pettis County to bring about real change.”

Many will remember that Rehmer ran for Prosecutor against Jeff Mittelhouser in the 2010 election. Since that time and for the past 3 years, Rehmer has been an assistant prosecuting attorney in Stoddard County. The Stoddard County Prosecutor’s Office handled over 6,500 cases in the past 3 years, ranging from speeding tickets to capital murder.

“Andrew is without question the most devoted, hard-working, and dependable assistant prosecutor anyone could ask for” said Russ Oliver, Stoddard County Prosecuting Attorney. “He has exerted a level of devotion and sound judgment to our cases that is impressive to say the least. Andrew realizes the seriousness of our cases, that we deal with and greatly impact the lives of both our victims and defendants. He has demonstrated the judgment to know when a first time offender needs treatment and has the strength and wherewithal to stand firm against hardened career criminals and obtain a maximum sentence where appropriate. Without question Stoddard County’s loss will clearly be Pettis County’s gain, I hate to see him go but he has always made it clear that his true devotion is to serve Pettis County.”

“Andrew has been a part of some pretty impressive things that we have accomplished here in Stoddard County in the last three years.” Oliver continued, “Every jury trial we conducted resulted in a guilty verdict, we ended the synthetic drug epidemic in Stoddard County by aggressively prosecuting a synthetic drug distributor fromm Columbia Missouri, Bocomo Bay, which directly lead to the federal indictment of 11 individuals and which DEA officials called a ‘catalyst to Operation Log Jam’ which resulted in a nationwide sweep that seized 5 million packets of synthetic drugs and $36 million of drug money.” Oliver continued “When we took on the Missouri Department of Revenue and Governor Nixon and sued to stop their violation of the privacy rights of concealed carry permit holders last spring, Andrew stood and fought alongside me, he didn’t flinch and took on the most powerful people in State Government to protect our Second Amendment rights. Pettis County would be lucky to have a man with such convictions and strength serving them.”

Rehmer concluded by saying “I’m excited to see the future after I am elected to serve the people of Pettis County. I’m excited that four years from now how we will be able report the difference we have made, that we have ended the scourge of drug activity on the streets of Sedalia, that we have given a voice to victims of crime, that we have ensured that violent dangerous offenders are charged within 24 hours and remain locked up after their arrest, that drug dealers know that while neighboring counties might allow their activities Pettis County will not tolerate it and will impose harsh sentences, and that we have made Pettis County a safer better place to live, work, worship and raise a family.

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