Kaysinger scores from Saturday’s games

February 9, 2014

in Roundup

basketball_hoopSacred Heart girls over Smithton, 54-37. Sacred Heart plays Tuesday at 9 p.m. vs winner of Tipton and Lincoln. Smithton will play Monday vs Green Ridge, at 4:30.

Sacred Heart boys over Northwest, 91- 35. SH plays Wednesday at 7:30 vs winner of Cole Camp vs Green Ridge. Northwest will play Wednesday at 4:30 vs the loser of Cole Camp vs Green Ridge.

Cole Camp girls over Stover 35-26. Cole Camp will play Tuesday at 7:30 vs the winner of La Monte and Windsor. Stover will play Northwest Monday night at 7:30.

Green Ridge boys over Cole Camp, 52-43. Green Ridge will play Wed. at 7:30 vs Sacred Heart. Cole Camp will play Monday at 9 p.m. vs La Monte.

Tipton girls over Lincoln, 59-27. Tipton will play Sacred Heart, on Tuesday at 9 p.m. Lincoln will play Tuesday at 6 p.m. vs the winner of Smithton and Green Ridge.

Tipton boys over Stover, 53-34. Tipton will play Wed. at 9 p.m. vs the winner of Smithton & Windsor. Stover will play Monday at 7:30 vs Northwest.

Windsor girls over La Monte, 49-32. Windsor will play in Semi-finals Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. vs Cole Camp. La Monte will play Tuesday at 4:30 vs winner of Stover vs Northwest.

6th seed Windsor boys upset 3rd seed Smithton 67-64. Windsor will play in semi-finals Wednesday, at 9 p.m. vs Tipton. Smithton will play Monday at 6 p.m. vs Lincoln.


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