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Local candidates set for April 8 election

February 7, 2014

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Kyle Siegel

The upcoming general election will be held on April 8, 2014 and as of the Jan. 21 candidate filing deadline, the list of those running for various offices is set.

Polling and voting places will be open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. on April 8 and absentee voting will begin soon.

“Absentee voting doesn’t start until Feb. 25. The last day for absentee voting will be on April 7,” Pettis County Clerk Nick La Strada said.

The mayoral race in Sedalia has been narrowed down to two candidates. Current Mayor Elaine Horn made the decision to not run for reelection. The current candidates for mayor are Stephen Galliher and Allen Hawkins. Galliher is currently a councilman for the First Ward in Sedalia. Allen Hawkins is no stranger to the election process. Hawkins has served as mayor of Sedalia in the past.

Deborah Mitchell is running unopposed for the position of municipal court judge. This would be a two-year term that would expire in April of 2016.

With Galliher stepping down from the First Ward, it leaves the race for the first ward down to two candidates. Former councilwoman Susan Daniels will be running against newcomer James Cunningham.

Second Ward councilwoman Wanda Monsees will be running unopposed this election cycle. This will be a two-year term that expires in 2016.

Both Donald Meier and Terry Cockrell are running for the Third Ward council seat. Long-time council member Wiley Walter is not seeking reelection due to health conditions.

Tolbert Rowe will be running unopposed in Ward Four. This will be his second term as councilman.

During the upcoming election, State Fair Community College has three candidates running for two trustee positions. The candidates include Kip Salmon, Ron Wineinger and Jerry Greer. This position carries a six year term.

The City of Smithton has one contested and two uncontested races for office. Edward Saltsgaver is running unopposed for East Ward alderman. Kimberly Ferguson will be running unopposed for the alderman office in the West Ward. In the Smithton mayoral race Jerry Owens and Damian Lemens will be running against each other.

In the City of Houstonia, there are no candidates running for the office of North Ward alderman. The race for South Ward alderman will be contested between candidates Brenda Cramer and Bonnie Ball.

In Hughesville there are two positions for trustee up for election. Elizabeth Thalgott and Dan Wuebker are both running for the office positions.

In Green Ridge, both Ronnie Ollison and Mike Johnson will be running for the position of mayor, while Tom Durrill and Kelly Lamb are both running for the position of alderperson.

La Monte has three offices up for election. Paul Wilbern and Daniel Stratton are both running for the office of mayor. Dan Dekeyser and Fred Armstrong are both running for alderman in Ward One, while David Wessel is running unopposed for the office of alderman in the Second Ward.

“This election is unique, because the majority of our cities in the county are contested. It is good to see that people are engaged to run for city municipalities,” La Strada said of the upcoming election.

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