SH speech team scores second straight Kaysinger championship

February 5, 2014

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SHS_Speech_ChampsThe Sacred Heart Speech Team made school history on Jan. 29, winning its second straight Kaysinger Conference Championship. Five members of the team were named to the All-Conference team: Casey Chappel and Virginia Vanegas were named to First Team All Conference; Kim Chmelir and Amanda Matz to Second Team; and Ari Jacks received an Honorable Mention.

Under the direction of Speech coach, Jan Bahner, SHS students medaling at the tournament included:

Elex Simon, 2nd in Poetry

Rachel Ulbrich, 2nd in Humorous

Zach Parsons, 4th in Extemporaneous Speaking; 2nd in Radio Speaking

Amanda Matz, 5th in Poetry; 3rd in Storytelling

Jacob Smothers and Sr. Ari Jacks, 1st in Improvised Duet Acting

Lexi Krumroy, 8th in Prose

Casey Chappel, 4th in Poetry

Lexi Krumroy and Casey Chappel, 1st in Duet Acting

Becky Full, 4th in Oratory

Bea Coruna, 1st in Storytelling

Kim Chmelir, 3rd in Prose

Ari Jacks, 4th in Original Works

Virginia Vanegas and Zach Parsons, 3rd in Improvised Duet Acting

Virginia Vanegas, 4th in Radio, 1st in Dramatic, 1st in Humorous. Photo submitted.

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