Real Estate 1-30-14

January 30, 2014

in Real Estate

real-estate-for-saleRecent real estate transactions involving these individuals and firms have been reported by the Pettis County Recorder of Deeds:

Orval A. Kempf, trustee, Ruby F. Kempf, trustee and Kempf Revocable Living Trust to Richard G. and Debra D. Helmig, trustee’s deed.

Ray E. Vogel to Samuel Hieronymus III and Rhonda J. Hieronymus, warranty deed.

Loretta E. and Craig Wesley Cline to Glenwood Bernard Figge Jr, warranty deed.

John E. and Constance A. Pope to Earl W. McNish, warranty deed.

Rodolfo Moreno and Rachel Stockstill to Rodolfo Moreno and Rachel Stockstill, warranty deed.

Gordon G. and Carla Scott, Joseph H. and Stephanie Scott to Cameron G. and Carla Scott, quit claim deed.

Marshal Alan Investments LLC to Philip and Katy Shoemaker, warranty deed.

Harriett Lamm to Sonia Daniels, warranty deed.

Larry D. and Rosalee L. Wilson and William J. Mergen to Mikhail Slivinskiy, warranty deed.

Fairy Kalaniji to Yuri and Ann Gritsishin, warranty deed.

S and W Foreclosure Corp. and Loren Leroy Knitner to Federal National Mortgage Association, foreclosure deed.

Ervin Joseph and Bertha Marshall to Christopher Moon and Jessica Schuknecht, warranty deed.

Carolyn S. Chamley to Carroll E. and Linda S. Howard, warranty deed.

Louise and Mary Mittenburg to Barbara J. Wilken, trustee and Barbara J. Wilken Trust, warranty deed.

Rickie Lee and Ryan Lee Keele and Nicole Keele to Jason Walter and Khristen Michelle Werner, warranty deed.

Jody Cherae Barck to Ozzie Chaatit, quit claim deed.

Carolyn Simon to Carolyn and Lynn Snow, quit claim deed.

James E. and Arlene Byler to Barak George and Amber Marie Knoernschild, warranty deed.

Michael and Kelly Weather to Jose L. Armenta Perez and Amalia Frutos de Armenta, warranty deed.

Rhonda L. and Nathan Ahern to Micheal and Kelly Weathers, warranty deed.

Thomas J. and Rosalie M. Smith to Lutheran Community Foundation, warranty deed.

Brenda C. Whitson to Caleb D. and Casey M. Summers, warranty deed.

James A. and Kelly M. Pride to Lloyd D. and Linda M. Rhoads, warranty deed.

Dennis O. and Kerri D. Swartzentruber to Chris and Rosella Hostetler, warranty deed.

James Ray Bottoms to Patricia Ann Bartlett, quit claim deed.

Helen Arnold, trustee, Helen Arnold Trust and Clarence Arnold Trust to Robert D. Ronspiez, trustee’s deed.

Helen Arnold, trustee, Helen Arnold Trust and Clarence Arnold Trust to Dustin Caldwell, trustee’s deed.

Helen Arnold, trustee, Helen Arnold Trust and Clarence Arnold Trust to Dixon Builders LLC, trustee’s deed.

South and Associates PC and Larea A. Venable to Bank of America NA, foreclosure deed.

Millsap and Singer PC and Jason W. Webner to Bank of America NA, foreclosure deed.

Sally Jo Rose to Morris Elton Payne, quit claim deed.

Morris Elton Payne to Nicholas and Cynthia Gerke and Larry Jaeger, warranty deed.

Samuel L. and Marian L. Anderson to Briony Hogg, quit claim deed.

Bill and Mary J. Hensley to Dennis and Kerri Swartzentruiber, warranty deed.

Eldon F. and Melissa A. Coleman to Bill and Mary J. Hensley, warranty deed.

Bobby W. and Leona Wilson to Dustin Brown, warranty deed.


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