Lady Vikings fall to Sweet Springs, 55-38

January 30, 2014

in Roundup

mo-molmrivhs-letter-150The Lady Vikings lost 55-38 to Sweet Springs on Thursday night.

Madison Harris led the Lady Vikings with 13 points, followed by Cathy Butts with 9 points . Remaining game stats were not available.

“Sweet Springs is a good team with plenty of size to cover the paint. It’s our first time to see a 1-3-1 zone with that big of a team. If you don’t have guards who can shoot from the perimeter, or who can attack the gaps & hit the pull-up jumper, you’ll be in for long night.

“At this level of play, I think good teams are able to make adjustments as necessary. Players are often quick to remind the coach of the importance of repetition in order to execute a certain offense, or a certain defense. I agree, but I also think this is one of those “learning moments” for everyone.

“At half time they want to know what we can do differently as a team to try and make things work, and repetition, or doing something for the first time, is suddenly not a problem. Whether or not the girls see it, I do. We are growing as a team, slowly but surely, and coming to believe in ourselves, our teammates and hopefully in our coaches, because you’re now asking of the very things that at one time or another you didn’t think you could do without repetition.

“And my part as a coach is to have those “adjustments” ready and available at any given moment, and tonight I wasn’t very well prepared for the 1-3-1 zone that Sweet Springs handed us. I’ll pick up tomorrow, where we left off today,” commented head coach Manuel Lujan.


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