Talking Grems take fourth out of 19 schools at Warrensburg

January 29, 2014

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sacredheartAt the Warrensburg Speech Tournament on Saturday, the Sacred Heart Talking Gremlins speech team placed 4th out of 19 schools. This was their biggest contest of the year, and the best result ever for a Gremlin speech team at the Warrensburg contest.

Freshman Allison Prenger and Jr. Kim Chmelir participated in Prose.

Sophomore Jacob Smothers and Sr. Ari Jacks participated in Improvised Duet Acting.

Junior Becky Full participated in Oratory.

Freshman Rachel Ulbrich – 7th in Humorous.

Freshman Elex Simon – 7th in Poetry.

Freshman Amanda Matz – 4th in Poetry.

Senior Casey Chappel – 5th in Championship Poetry.

Freshman Zach Parsons and Senior Virginia Vanegas – 6th in Improvised Duet Acting.

Senior Virginia Vanegas – 6th in Radio, 5th in Dramatic, 1st in Humorous.

On Wednesday,  SH defends their 2013 Conference Championship at SFCC.

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