Mittelhauser announces candidacy for Division 6 Associate Judge

January 24, 2014

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Jeff-4By Randy Kirby
Managing editor

After serving 28 years serving as Pettis County’s prosecuting attorney, Jeff Mittelhauser announced his candidacy for associate judge in front of a room full of supporters at the Fox Theater in downtown Sedalia.

Miitelhauser served as assistant prosecuting attorney for three years previously, he noted in his speech, adding that at the time he had three priorities: crime victim rights, drug dealers and intoxicated drivers, especially repeat offenders.

A victim assistance program was soon established after he took office, and he also created a multi-agency drug task force in Pettis County.

Mittelhauser noted that Pettis County consistently leads the 13 counties in Troop A in terms of DWI convictions due to vigorous prosecution of repeat offenders.

“The people that I work with, the people in my office , the court system and the various law enforcement agencies, those are the things that have kept me committed to serving in the prosecutor’s office for as long as I have,” he said. “But I’ve always know that there would come a time when I would be ready to begin to do something else, when I would finally be ready to look toward another goal. I am not ready to leave the criminal justice system.”

Mittelhauser said he would file for the office of associate judge of Division 6 on Feb. 25 on the Republican ticket.

“If you will have me, it’s my intention to serve several terms as a judge,” Mittelhauser said.

“This job is right for me, because the lion’s share of the cases heard by the judge of Division 6, are exactly the same type of cases that I’m responsible for handling right now,” he pointed out. Photos by Randy Kirby, Sedalia Weekly Observer.

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