Real Estate 1-23-14

January 23, 2014

in Real Estate

real-estate-for-saleThe following real estate transactions have been released by the Pettis County Recorder of Deeds:

• Hammons Properties LLC to Gier Holdings LLC, warranty deed.

• Catherine A. Lamm to Catherine A. Lamm, trustee, and Catherine A. Lamm Revocable Living Trust, warranty deed.

• Darlene R. Bradbury, trustee, and Darlene R. Bradbury Revocable Trust to Timothy H. Keele, trutee’s deed.

• Martin Leigh Laws and Fritzlen PC and Jerred L. Shorthill to Bank of America NA, foreclosure deed.

• Virginia Lee Davis to Celia S. Smith, warranty deed.

• Garrett W. and Kari A. Boyd to Amanda G. Boyd, warranty deed.

• Amanda G. Boyd to Zack L. Bremer and Casey A. Martin, warranty deed.

• Bank of America NA to Ruben Barajas Arroyo, warranty deed.

• Beulah L. Peek Revocable Trust and Arnold E. Peek Revocable Trust to Aleksandr Sidora, warranty deed.

• Bank of America NA to Lyubov V. Kudrenok, warranty deed.

• Stephen Sean and Lariann Rehmer to James C. Meier, quit claim deed.

• James C. Meier to Jane Wood Mathern and Richard A. Mathern, warranty deed.

• Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Walter T. and Jacquelyn L. Bell, warranty deed.

• Jill D. Olsen, trustee, and Michelle K. Hansen to Duane E. Points, quit claim deed.

• Secetary of Housing and Urban Development to Lauren E. Eaves, warranty deed.

• Susan McNeal to Myron McNeal, quit claim deed.

• Gloria L. Owens to Karen Lee Owens Sublett, quit claim deed.

• Gloria Lea Owens to Karen Lee Owens Sublett, quit claim deed.

• Wal-Mart Real Estate Business Trust to VRE Sedalia LLC, warranty deed.

• Julie Lynn Hill, personal representative, and Estate of Benny Keith Townsend to Paul Parker, representative’s deed.

• Steven W. and Yvonne I. Marshall to David B. and Sheila K. Robinson, warranty deed.

• Pamela Sue Staus to David Eugene Staus, quit claim deed.

• R. Wayne and M. Viola Rhoads to CGK Farms LLC, warranty deed.

• Barak and Amber Knoernschild to Dan and Susan Bailey, warranty deed.

• Shane Brian Johnson to Susan Carin Johnson, quit claim deed.

• Brian J. and Phyllis J. Schwartz to Larry and Janice Moore, warranty deed.

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