Camdenton Math Relay results for Sacred Heart listed

January 22, 2014

in Student

sacredheartThe Gremlin Number Crunchers had an excellent day in Camdenton this past Saturday. The Grems took first place in a six-school division, scoring a total of 380 points. The second place finished with 98 points.

Individual results were as follows:


Jun Park – Top Student

Jin Jung – 2nd top student

Emma Rollings – 3rd top student

9th grade team – 1st place


Kanji Harada – Top Student

Katherine Freels – 3rd top student

10th grade team – 1st place


Mason Kelchner – 3rd top student (tie)

11th grade team – 1st place


Jason Hwang – Top Student (tie)

Erin Holt – 2nd top student (tie)

Ky Oh – 3rd top student

12th grade team – 1st place

Mixed Team Open – 1st place

The team will compete in the S-C Math Contest this Saturday.

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