Real Estate 1-15-14

January 15, 2014

in Real Estate

real-estate-for-saleReal estate transactions involving the following individuals and firms have been reported by the Pettis County Recorder of Deeds:

Thomas W. and Sandra C. Zimmerman, Sheila Zimmerman Wilson, Douglas E. Wilson, Carolyn Zimmerman Aulguir, Jimmie Aulguir, Marte Zimmerman Carter, Terri Ann and Wendell S. Zimmerman and Dana Zimmerman to Dana and Wendell S. Zimmerman, warranty deed.

Kevin L. Zimmerman, trustee, Karen L. Zimmerman, trustee and Kevin L. Zimmerman Living Trust to Wendell S. and Dana Zimmerman, trustee’s deed.

James E. and Arlene M. Byler to Gary C. Manderich, trustee and Gary C. Manderich Trust, warranty deed.

E. Eliot Elliott, trustee, and Jeanette Elliott to Robert L. Cashman, warranty deed.

Richard R. and Nancy C. Peterson to Martha Carlos Marcos, warranty deed.

Bank of America NA to Walter Wayne Clark, trustee, Frances Louise Clark, trustee, Walter Wayne Clark Living Trust and Frances Louise Clark Living Trust, warranty deed.

R and SF 814 Rentals LLC to Bravo Rental Properties LLC, warranty deed.

Gerald Lee and Deobrah Lee Fillinger to Gerald Lee Fillinger, trustee, Deborah Lee Fillinger, trustee and Fillinger Family Trust, quit claim deed.

Peter W. Phillips to Peter W. Phillips, trustee and Peter W. Phillips Trust, warranty deed.

Michael A. Hogan and Beverly S. Kreisel to John D. Kreisel Sr. and Rebecca L. Albright, warranty deed.

Steven and Barbara Heimsoth to South 65 Car Wash LLC, warranty deed.

Victoria and Gary S. Townsend to Victoria and Gary S. Townsend, warranty deed.

Julie A. Meyer and Julie A. Neel to Julie A. Meyer, quit claim deed.

Teresa Ann Henley to James Dutch Henley III, quit claim deed.

Nicholas D. and Kristal M. Smith to Bank of America National Association and Substitute Trustee Corp., foreclosure deed.

Tammy L. Turner and Martin Leigh Laws and Fritzlen PC to Flagstar Bank PSB, foreclosure deed.

Anatoly and Lyudmila Ostapenko to Kevin R. and Tricia L. Bohle, warranty deed.

Ervin J. and Nicole L. Czechan to Gary L. and Sandra D. Powell, warranty deed.

Gary L. and Sandra D. Powell to Gary L. and Sandra D. Powell, warranty deed.

Michael C. and Monica Fabiola Johnnson to Maria Veronica and Shane Sharp, warranty deed.

Rebecca Long and Charles D. Thailheim to Barbara J. Southard, warranty deed.

Donald K. and Elva E. Lewis to Carolyn S. and Rocky D. Adkins, warranty deed.

Reynaldo Trevino to Reynaldo and Gladis Trevino, quit claim deed.

Menard Inc. to Kohls Department Stores Inc., warranty deed.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Association, quit claim deed.

Martha Katheryn Nicholson to Donald G. and Jeri Gail Uptegrove, warranty deed.

Elva Mae and Kenneth Smith, Tommie Klein Jr., Loretta Klein, Andy Carlisle Klein and Dianna Klein to Harvard and Judith Moriarty Ebers, warranty deed.

US Bank National Association to Jessica Iuchs, warranty deed.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Todd and Maria Letourneau, warranty deed.

David L. and Carrie D. McCoy to Carl E. and Sue Ann Arnett.

SA Holdings Inc. to Stephen D. and Suzanne S. Lee, warranty deed.

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