Attorney General Koster addresses Smith-Cotton High law class

January 15, 2014

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Koster1.0115.jpegMissouri Attorney General Chris Koster came to Smith-Cotton High School on Wednesday, Jan. 15, to discuss the duties of his office and other issues with students in teacher Steve Schilb’s “Law & You” class.

Koster provided students an overview of the responsibilities of the state’s legal authority, including public safety, consumer protection and litigation. He then opened the floor for students to ask questions.  Senior Madison Hendricks asked Koster about the impact of his decision to switch from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party in 2007.

“It was the most tense part of my professional life,” Koster said. “It was a very difficult transition. … I sometimes have joked with my mother … that it would have been easier if I had switched religions.”

In response to a question from senior Logan Holman, Koster said he sees one of the key differences currently between the two parties in Missouri is the constituency bases they reach out to for support. Koster also answered questions about the death penalty, legalization of marijuana, child support for emancipated minors and differing political philosophies between urban and rural residents. Afterward, he toured the Federal Emergency Management Agency building on the Smith-Cotton Junior High School campus.Koster2.0115.jpeg

Schilb extended his thanks to Koster for the time spent with the students.

“He was very gracious and willing to answer even ‘tough’ questions from the kids,” Schilb said. “He was authentic and the kids sensed that he was a real person.”

Superintendent Brad Pollitt said: “We always like to take the opportunity to show off our district facilities and students when given the opportunity. We appreciate Attorney General Koster taking the time to visit one of our classrooms and talking openly with our students.” Courtesy Sedalia School District 200.

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