Women’s Democrat Meeting noted for Dec. 17

January 3, 2014

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Democrat+DonkeyWomen’s Democrat Meeting December 17, 2013

The December Women’s Democrat Christmas Party Meeting was held at Best Western.

Shirley McCown offered prayer and devotion. Jane Kelly led the Pledge of Allegiance

Since it was our Christmas gathering, Secretary and Treasury report were not presented.

We enjoyed a delicious buffet served by Best Western.

President Jane Kelly passed out gifts from her to everyone. Sharon Blankenship presented a gift to Jane from members.

Marcy Husong, Social Worker at Parkview School relayed all the gifts and groceries purchased with the $550 donation we gave from our club for a family in need. It was a large family with seven children. Each child received clothing and toys, along with gifts for the mother and father, and a stock of groceries as well. Marcy relayed how grateful the family was. A collection was taken up to offset the money taken from treasury for the donation for the family. A total of $135 was collected to return to our treasury.

Thoughts and prayers were requested for two members of our club — Bill Shobe and Wanda Monsees.

Larry Yunt, our Democrat Central Committee President relayed that he had lined up speakers for future meetings, though the speakers could not come on our Central Committee meeting night on Thursdays and asked if the Women’s Club would host the speakers on our meeting night just for the next month or so. Marguerite Ellis motioned that we allow the speakers that Larry Yunt suggested, Carolyn Williams seconded. Passed.

Larry also announced the next 4th Congressional District meeting will be Feb. 2 at Best Western. All are encouraged to attend. The annual dues will also need to be paid at that time. Treasurer Charli Ackerman will pay the annual dues.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 8 p.m.


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