Real Estate 12-19-13

December 19, 2013

in Real Estate

The following real estate transactions have been released by the Pettis County Recorder of Deeds:

• Michael D. Brown, trustee, Rhonda J. Brown, trustee and Brown Family Trust to MRB 1 LLC, MRB 2 LLC, MRB 10 LLC, MRB 11 LLC, MRB 12 LLC, MRB 3 LLC, MRB 4 LLC, MRB 5 LLC, MRB 6 LLC, MRB 7 LLC, MRB 8 LLC, and MRB 9 LLC, trustees deed.

• Robert Mark and Lisa A. Lamm to Robert M. Lamm, trustee, Lisa A. Lamm, trustee, Robert M. Lamm Joint Revocable Living Trust and Lisa A. Lamm Joint Revocable Living Trust (two transactions, warranty deeds.

• Deborah A. Rouchka, trustee, and Marie J. Chaney Revocable Trust to Steven L. and Barbara Berry, trustee’s deed.

• Deborah A. Rouchkay, personal representative, and Estate of Marie J. Chaney to Steven L. and Barbara Berry, representative’s deed.

• Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to HLJ Inc., warranty deed.

• Joy and Bob Spratley to Kyle W. Borchers and Jessica L. Kesterson, warranty deed.

• First Baptist Church of Sedalia to Michael and Kristi Rae, warranty deed.

• Irene J. Evans and Lisa Stokan to Dawn M. and David M. Nehring, warranty deed.

• US Bank National Association to Cahancha LLC, warranty deed.

• Ruth M. Edwards to Christopher Lee Abney, warranty deed.

• Robert W. Morgan to Michael J. McDonough, warranty deed.

• Carey J. and Tamara S. Walk to O. B. Warren Jr. and Antoinette R. Warren, warranty deed.

• South and Associates PC and Luise F. Mares to U.S. Bank National Association, foreclosure deed.

• Chun Yong Zheng, Shi Gulan, Hai Bin Zheng and Lin Hai Juan to Clifford L. and Donna M. Reynolds, warranty deed.

• Thomas Wayne Fuller to Dolly V. Cobb, quit claim deed.

• Donna Earlene Linhardt and Cynthia Rae Snyder to Mitchell D. and Anna Jane Burns, warranty deed.

• Victor and Galina Isayko to Sergey Isayko, quit claim deed.

• Mary E. Kempf to Arlie Ray Kempf, quit claim deed.

• Orval A. Kempf, trustee, Ruby E. Kempf, trustee and Kempf Revocable Living Trust to Arlie Ray Kempf, Orval A. Kempf and Ruby F. Kempf, trustee’s deed.

• Robert E. Thompson, trustee, Betty Sue Bennett, trustee and Erma L. Thompsn Trust to Betty S. Bennett Revocable Living Trust, trustee’s deed.

• Dale H. and Betty A. Miley to Carolyn S. Calton, warranty deed.

• Benny W. and Elizabeth R. Sullivan to Andrew J. and Abigail M. Hostetler, warranty deed.

• Leo Harvey Cole to Dorothy Mae Cole, dissolution.

• Lori A. Roark and Roy L. McCoy to Frank A. and Sandra L. Nine, quit claim deed.

• Cheryl Lynn Templeton to Maurice D. Cooley, warranty deed.

• Rita Bellich to Diamond B. Mini Storage LLC, warranty deed.

• Terri Jeanette and Alfred Bartol to Christopher Staus, warranty deed.

• Danielle Knickole Russell and Larissa Nichole Hartley to Kelly J. Coleman, trustee, and Coleman Trust, quit claim deed.

• Stephen Carl Wells, Tanya Christina and Tyler Steele to Stephen Carl Wells, quit claim deed.

• LE McClaury Real Estate Management LLC to Andy Tan and Mai Le Tan, quit claim deed.

• Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission to Ruffin Properties LLC, warranty deed.

• Deanna J. Stevens to Deanna J. Stevens and Loy L. Holman, quit claim deed.

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