Solar panels installed at county jail

December 17, 2013

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MC Power began installing two 25KW solar  units on the roof of the Sedalia-Pettis County Jail Tuesday morning with a little help from the W&M crane company.

Three solar units were installed at the Pettis County Courthouse in late October and are currently in use. The cost savings to the county is estimated to be around $11,000 annually through the generation of three 25KW units at the courthouse. A real-time monitor mounted on the south wall of the first level of the building is visible to all those who want to see how much electricity is being produced by the solar unit on the roof.

KCP&L approved the application from Pettis County to install three 25kw net metering rooftop PV solar systems at the courthouse. The project, which was researched and recommended by the Pettis County Renewable Energy Committee, was approved by the Pettis County Commissioner’s Office and requests for bids were sent out to several businesses dealing with solar energy earlier this year.

Counting rebates on all three units, the total cost to the county is $37,000. “But we’re anticipating savings over the next 25-30 years on average of $11,000 a year,” said Pettis County John Meehan in October. “So you can see this is genuinely an investment in the future, but the payback comes pretty quick.” Photos by Randy Kirby, Sedalia News Journal.

  • kevin

    are they having a battery back up so you never have power loss? That might be a real good thing at the jail even if you have a generator in the event of a long term loss both options would be nice.

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