Real Estate 12-12-13

December 12, 2013

in Real Estate

The following real estate transactions have been reported by the Pettis County Recorder of Deeds:

• Kyle D. and Kelli Weymuth to Lucas O. and Kara N. Sheeley, warranty deed.

• John D. and Catherine L. Hammons to Benjamin W. and Beth S. Headings, warranty deed.

• Benjamin W. and Beth S. Headings to Dustin Lee and Martha E. Kempf, warranty deed.

• Jose M. and Ruth A. Palasi to Palasi Rentals LLC, four transactions, quit claim deeds.

• Ruth E. and Stanford D. Kerr to Duane Miesner, Dennis Miesner, Douglas Miesner and Dale Miesner.

• Howard Wayne Richards to Timothy E. and Gina L. Doogs, warranty deed.

• JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association to David Berg, warranty deed.

• Esperanza Cisneros and Adanagular Cardenas to Jose Agular Cardenas, warranty deed.

• Citimortgage Inc. to Great Faith Ministries Inc., quit claim deed.

• Kaleb Cunningham to Courtney Cunningham, quit claim deed.

• Jim L. and Rita Fairfax to Ruben A. and Maria G. Barajas, quit claim deed.

• Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Michael and Tonya Kindle, warranty deed.

• Trudy M. Knight to Ricky L. Reysack, warranty deed.

• Nolan D. and Peggy L. Sparks to Chris O. and Renee E. Powell, warranty deed.

• Michael Todd Labille, Dara Denise and Michael Aubrey Wood to Steffen Sartain, warranty deed.

• Megan K. Labille, conservator, Parker Allan and Macey Kae Labille to Steffen Sartain, conservator’s deed.

• John Ellebracht to Shirley Ellebracht, quit claim deed.

• Third National Bank of Sedalia to Federal National Mortgage Association, warranty deed.

• Virginia H. McClain and Virginia H. Brzoznowski to Virginia H. McClain, warranty deed.

• Cory Allen and Tristan S. Burtis to Marlys R. Peck, trutee, and Marlys R. Peck Family Trust, warranty deed.

• Donld E. Jones to Michael A. Jones, warranty deed.

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