Anti-bullying presentation at S-C

December 2, 2013

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Tom Durkin

Submitted by Austin Wood
Smith-Cotton High School journalistic writing student

Tom Durkin, public education director for the State of Missouri Attorney General’s Office, came to Smith-Cotton High School on Tuesday to educate students on the importance of Internet safety.

He started off the presentation by stating just how much technology has progressed since he was a child, and how our uses of it have advanced over that time. But with that came the true meaning of the assembly when he began to talk about the consequences that evolved technology can bring.

The main idea behind his speech was that the Internet is a tool that can be used for good or bad intentions. Using this tool cautiously is the first step behind being safe on the global web. With his main point out on the table, Durkin shared several stories of web tragedies that have occurred in the past several years. These stories were all in the idea of informing the students to see just how much at risk they can be if they put themselves out there.

A few other topics were brought up, such as the damage to your future career that can be caused by doing something quite small on a social media site.

Student perception of this assembly was quite diverse. Ramey Baro said, “It was inspiring, humorous, and presented the information in a fun and relatable way.”

Durkin closed with stating his main and only goal: To instruct the student bodies of the world to be wise when it comes to interacting on the web. Photos courtesy Sedalia School District 200.

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