Parkview students learn to build gingerbread houses

November 27, 2013

in Student

Parkview Elementary School fourth graders built gingerbread houses on Tuesday afternoon. This is an annual activity for the school’s top grade level.

At left, Principal Stephanie Jackson helps fourth-grader Matthew Tomachev put the walls in place for his gingerbread house Tuesday afternoon at Parkview Elementary School. Students used graham crackers for the walls and roof, frosting for mortar and an array of candy items for decorations.

Students were supplied with a variety of sweets -- including Hershey's Kisses, marshmallows and M&Ms -- to decorate their gingerbread houses.

At right, Parkview Elementary fourth graders Chance Corbett, front, and Alyssa Platt both go with M&Ms as their primary decoration during Tuesday’s activity. Photos courtesy Sedalia School District 200.

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