S-C JROTC Drill Team competes at Branson Drill Meet

November 26, 2013

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On Nov. 23, 2013 the Smith-Cotton JROTC Drill team competed in Branson. The events that they competed in were unarmed color guard, armed color guard, unarmed regulation, armed regulation, armed exhibition, and unarmed exhibition, new cadet color guard, and new cadet squad.

The Smith-Cotton JROTC Drill team competed against 20 teams and was able to receive 2nd place overall. They placed 1st place in unarmed color guard, 1st place in armed color guard, 1st place in unarmed regulation, 1st place in armed regulation, 2nd place in armed exhibition, and 3rd place in unarmed exhibition.

The Smith-Cotton JROTC Drill team did an outstanding job and represented our high school in a very positive manner. HOOAH!!

Pictured from left to right front to back: Cadet Megan Wilbanks,Cadet Kendall Ott, Cadet Stephanie Barnier, Cadet Connor Greene, Cadet Rachel DeMent, Cadet Hollee Akers, Cadet Aurora Rafael, Cadet Daryna Matsyokha, Cadet Vanessa Dixon, Cadet Allison Bouslaugh, Cadet Keannia Collins, Cadet Margarita Antonova,Cadet Madelyne Ash, Cadet Elizabeth Narron,Cadet Bailey Norton, Cadet Andrea Heredia,Cadet Christian Wolfe,Cadet Nicolochrist Dalumpines, Cadet Nathanial Lee, Cadet Kaitlyn Brown, Cadet Kelsey Binney, Cadet Sheric Davis,Cadet Lilibeth Lozada, Cadet Dalton Trimnal, Cadet Jeremie Strobel, Cadet Mathew Binney, Cadet Micheal Frazier,Cadet Joshua Lewis,Cadet Brady Herrington,Cadet Alexandria Stewart,Cadet Austin Breining.

Submitted by Cadet Master Sergeant Jessica Miranda

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