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Care Connection supports ‘End-of-Life’ discussions

November 21, 2013

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Warrensburg – Care Connection for Aging Services, Area Agency on Aging, announced its support of the Eldercare Locator’s 11th Annual Home for the Holidays campaign to encourage families to take time this holiday season to discuss critical end-of-life issues with their loved ones. A national survey by The Conversation Project this fall found that 9 in 10 Americans want to discuss their loved ones’ and their own end-of-life care, but only approximately 3 in 10 have actually had these conversations.

The holiday campaign, which includes the release of a new guide that covers everything from how to initiate conversations to the right questions to ask about health, legal, financial and end-of-life issues, is available for download at www.n4a.org. The publication seeks to eliminate the “conversation disconnect” by providing the public with the topics, tools and information they need to discuss planning for the future and end-of-life issues during the holiday season when families spend extended time together.

“This holiday season, we encourage families to spend time asking each other some basic questions about end-of-life decisions so a crisis situation can be avoided down the line,” said Marilyn Gunter, Director of Care Management. “Starting the conversation tends to be the hardest part, but once that happens, all parties involved feel relief that these important issues are being addressed.”

The new guide prepares families for the conversation, offering helpful tips and topics for consideration. Topics include all things health and legal related, such as lists of doctors, health conditions, medical records, durable power of attorney, trusts, advance directives, wills and how to research and locate important financial documents.

End-of-life topics for discussion include naming one person to make final decisions, values and ideals around quality of life and care and the types of different medical treatment that may be available.

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