Real Estate 11-13-13

November 13, 2013

in Real Estate

Real estate transactions involving the following individuals and companies released by the Pettis County Recorder of Deeds:

•Katherine Anne Sawford, personal representative, and estate of Martha Harrelson to Jackson Stevens, representative’s deed.

• Philip and Julie Ramey and Megan Ramey to Larry Hieronymus, trustee, Gary C. Hieronymus Trust, Gary C. Hieronymus, trustee, June E. and Larry C. Hieronymus Family Trust and June Hieronymus, trustee, warranty deed.

•Larry E. Dykes and Faye E. Franks to Lawrence and Helen Adams, quit claim deed.

•Lawrence E. and Helen M. Adams to Chelsey Kroeger, warranty deed.

•Steve and Dawn Newland to Lawrence and Helen Adams, quit claim deed.

• Troy Walker and Lisa Hoskins to Lawrence and Helen Adams, quit claim deed.

• John B. and Velma M. Bertschy to Paul J. Bertschy, warranty deed.

• Harold Larue to Don and Cindy Weaver, warranty deed.

• William and Tina R. Gatschet to William Neil and Stacy Rene Potter, quit claim deed.

• Dimitriy and Luybov Chernioglo to Dimitiy and Luybov Chernioglo, quit claim deed (two transactions).

• Grant R. Holman to Dennis R. Holman, trustee, and Dennis R. Holman Trust, warranty deed.

• Charles R. and Trudy L. Hunt to Mark R. Johnson and Treopie E. Drummer, warranty deed.

• Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Bradley A. Arnold, warranty deed.

• Scott and Melissa Matz to Matz Properties Partnership, warranty deed.

•Travis M. and Lindsy Nicole Glenn to Victoria L. Monath, wararnty deed.

•Kelly J. Coleman, trustee, and Coleman Trust to Danielle Knickole Russell and Larissa Nichole Hartley, warranty deed.

•Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to David L. and Yuliya Ivantskiy, warranty deed.

•Cheryl W. and Grant Wade Bohlen to Jamie Leigh Bohlen, warranty deed.

•Jamie L. and Douglace Barklage to Anna E. Adams, quit claim deed.

• Peggy L. and Floyd F. Self to Aurelio Rubio Nicolas and Elizabeth Alejo Rubio, warranty deed.

• Dennis L. Richey Sr. and Vickie L. Richey to J. Edward and Lawrence R. Martin, warranty deed.

•Connie Thompson, trustee, and Charles D. Pritchard Trust to Marian F. Pritchard Trust and 360 Farms LLC, trustee’s deed.

•Connie Thompson, trustee, Charles D. Pritchard Trust and Marian F. Pritchard Trust to Maple Leaf Farms LLC, trustee’s deed.

• Jesse K. and Ariel K. Soderberg, Jenny Heavin and Christopher M. Godley to Jenny Heavin Godley, waranty deed.

• Andrea M. Cox to Chad Cox and Lindsey N. Brosch, warranty deed.

• C. Brett and Nanci B. Opfer to C. Brett Opfer, trustee, Nanci B. Opfer, trustee and Opfer Trust.

•Laura L. Burris to John H. Brown, quit claim deed.

• Carol L. and Durrin Shipp and Carla D. Massey to William and Dorothy Fairbairn, warranty deed.

•Vladimir Razumovsky to Mikhail Fomin, trustee, and Westmoreland Trust, quit claim deed.

• Andrea Louise Young to Jerry Lee Young II, quit claim deed.

• James L. and Valerie J. Studer to Timothy H. Hoover, trustee, Lois E. Hoover, trustee, and Timothy H. and Lois E. Hoover Trust, warranty deed.

•Stephen P. Green to Stephen P. Green, trustee, and Stephen B. Green Trust, wararnty deed.

•Keele Construction Inc. to Barry Edward Keele, warranty deed.

• Dorothy Diana Austin to Scott and Melissa Matz, warranty deed.

• Charles R. and Sarah R. Tippe to Dow Construction LLC, warranty deed.

• Alan A. Allmon Trust to James and Julie Kroeger and Benjamin D. Kroeger, trust deed.

•Robert J. and Stacy Lynn Curry to Robert Joe and Stacy Lynn Curry, quit claim deed.

•Marlin S. and Grace E. Eberly to Melvin E. and Eula Ann Trelow, warranty deed.

•Jacob S. and Ashley D. Graff to Richard G. Ochoa Jr., warranty deed.

•Larry Hieronymus, trustee, June E. Hieronymus, trust, June E and Larry C. Hieronymus Family Trust, June E. and Larry C. Hieronymus and Gary C. Hiernymus Trust to Julie Ramey, Megan Ramey and Philip Ramey, warranty deed.

• JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association to Stubbs Development LLC, warranty deed.

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