Arrests 11-13-13

November 13, 2013

in Police Reports

The Pettis County Sheriff’s Department has released these recent arrest reports:

• Kaylee Nicole Waite, 22, Cole Camp, suspended or revoked license, Ofc. Jacob White, Sedalia Police Department (SPD), arresting officer.

• Melissa S. Waite, 38, Cole Camp, failure to appear, Ofc. Jacob White, SPD, arresting officer.

• Emily Dawn Neal, 20, LaMonte, 48-hout commitment, Ofc. Andrew Holdeman, Pettis County Sheriff’s Department (PCSD), arresting officer.

• George Chavez Smith, 49, 631 North Osage, failure to appear for back fines, Det. Aaron Berry, SPD, arresting officer.

• Sheila Patterson Bacon, 48, Montreal, Mo., 48-hour commitment, driving while intoxicated and possession of drug paraphernalia, Ofc. Michelle O’Bannon, PCSD, arresting officer.

• David Allen Graves, 47 1301 Cedar Drive, parole violation, state of Nebraska; fugitive from justice, Ofc. Shawn Apel, PCSD, arresting officer.

• Michael Darrell McNeil, 42, 6500 Willow Brook Road, two-day commitment, possession, Ofc. Michael Miller, PCSD, arresting officer.

• Nicholas Andrew Roberson, 23, Boonville, 24-hour hold, stealing, shoplifting, Ofc. Preston Hesselbacher, SPD, arresting officer.

• Alex Kosgei, 28, 920 Sue Lane, suspended or revoked license, Ofc. Mike Elwood, SPD, arresting officer.

• Nathan Wayne Green, 22, 1405 Elm Hills Blvd., probation violation; failure to appear, Ofc. Brian Egbert, PCSD, arresting officer.

• Travis Lee Davis, 24, 1405 Elm Hills Blvd., failure to appear (two counts); possession of 35 grams or less of marijuana, Ofc. Nicholas Gooch, PCSD, arresting officer.

• Billy Benard Brown, 26, 245 Scott Joplin Court, failure to appear, Ofc. Matthew Long, SPD, arresting officer.

• Lindale Ellen Kroeger, 35, 21876 Violet Road, failure to appear, failure to display plates; failure to appear, seat belt, Det. Aaron Berry, SPD, arresting officer.

• Elizabeth Ann Esser, 22, Independence, failure to appear on peace disturbance; failure to appear on traffic citation, Ofc. Kyle Hayward, SPD, arresting officer.

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