Council dicusses Cambridge Village annexation

November 6, 2013

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By Kyle Siegel
Staff writer

The Sedalia City Council met for a brief session this past Monday, where they held a public hearing over the annexation of property into the City of Sedalia, as well as accepting bids and approving ordinances on several issues.

At 7 p.m., the council held a public hearing over a request to annex property owned by the Cambridge Village Property Owner’s Association, and the property owners of the lots of Cambridge Village. Cambridge Village is currently a subdivision of Pettis County.

According to information from city staff, approximately 45 percent of the perimeter of this land is contiguous to the existing city. Also according to the information, the City of Sedalia would be able to provide services to the area with little additional substructure since water, street lights and streets are already in place. Police, fire and trash services are already serving the area. The only item that would need to be connected to the city would be a sewer system.

If annexed, any new houses built would have to pay a $500 sewer connection fee to the City of Sedalia. Also the current property owners’ association would continue to exist and will continue to monitor compliance with restrictive covenants. The association would continue to pay to maintain common properties.

There were no public complaints or arguments against this matter and council members will make their decision at the next scheduled council meeting on November 18.

The city council reviewed and accepted a change order in the amount of $71,465 for the Washington Street Bridge Project. The total contract price is now $1,215,529, up from the original price of $1,144,064. This change order included several improvements to the project. One improvement was the replacement of wooden handrails with steel handrails. Also, bearing blocks are being replaced, along with concrete barrier protection.

In other council news, the council reviewed and approved bids from several companies for the destruction of four properties. Schultz Wrecking Service bid $2,900 for the destruction of property located at 120 East Pettis. Their bid of $3,800 was also approved for the destruction of property at 1220 East 13th Street.

The bid from Morton Custom Contracting, in the amount of $4,275, was approved for the demolition of property at 1836 East 7th Street. Poort Excavating made a bid in the amount of $4,800 for the demolition of property at 401 West Morgan. The bid was approved by council.

The council also reviewed bids for the five-year lease of a postage machine for use in the City Clerk’s Office. The council approved a five-year lease with Sawyer Mailing System in the amount of $7,809. This was the lowest of four bids submitted.

The council reviewed and accepted an ordinance that calls for a general election to be held on April 8, 2014. The purpose of which is to elect a Mayor, Municipal Judge and one council member from each of the four wards.

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