Sorosis hears from exotic mushroom grower

November 5, 2013

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Sorosis met Nov. 4, 2013 with 26 members and five guests at the Heard Memorial Club House. Betty Sue Viterna opened the meeting and asked for introductions of guests.

Minutes of the Oct. 21 meeting were read and approved. There was no Treasurer’s report.

Marty Graves, Corresponding Secretary, reported a new member, Carol Kennedy, had passed on.

Sylvia Hopkins introduced Rick Hinks of rural Pettis County who grows exotic oyster culinary mushrooms. Rick, a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute worked for several years in Kansas City reproducing antiques for a restaurant chain in Kansas City. He started growing mushrooms in his basement there and eventually he and his family moved near Hughesville where he started his mushroom business. He grows three varieties of these mushrooms and sells 250-300 pounds a week to chefs at the high-end restaurants in the KC area. Growing these mushrooms is an involved operation and includes specialized equipment, growing rooms with 89 percent humidity and exhaust systems that change air every 15 minutes. He also sells at the local Farmers Market.

Rhonda Chalfant reported the Heard House Board was looking at several options for raising money and a possible grant. The house will also be rented November 19.

Betty Sue announced the Jeff Barnhart concert at the Liberty Center on Friday, Nov. 8. Tickets are $10. Byron Matson reported an outstanding Symphony performance Oct. 21 and the upcoming stringfest at the Smith Cotton Junior High.

Sylvia Hopkins described the November 18 program on feeding and observing birds to be presented by Cynthia Green of the Missouri Conservation. Sylvia left us with a daunting question to ponder: What do designer high heels have to do with feeding the birds?

Betty Bob Jones and Pat Perusich served coffee and cookies after the meeting.

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