Real Estate 10-5-13

November 5, 2013

in Real Estate

Real estate transactions involving these individuals or companies have been reported by the Pettis County Recorder of Deeds:

• Kroeger Properties LLC to Joshua K. and Angie M. Kroeger, warranty deed.

• William D. and Marylee J. Stephens and Barbara Saleh to William D. and Marylee J. Stephens, warranty deed.

• William D. and Marylee J. Stephens to Keele Construction Inc., warranty deed.

• John Cecil III, trustee, John Cecil III Trust, Karen J. Cecil, trustee, and Karen J. Cecil Trust to John Cecil III and Karen J. Cecil, four transactons, trustee’s deeds.

• John Cecil III and Karen J. Cecil to John Cecil III, trustee, Karen M. Cecil, trustee and Cecil Joint Trust, four transactions, warranty deeds.

• Larry D. and Billie J. Butler to Andrew M. and Marsha Jane Kranichfield, quit claim deed.

• Erik J. and Riki Jean Harding to Darren S. and Carole J. Townsend, warranty deed.

• Erik J. and Riki Jean Harding to Joe Henry and Brenda Jo Ezell, warranty deed.

• Fredrick R. and Megan M. Parks to Norman Lee Frederick Jr., warranty deed.

• Robert Cashman to Nicolle Cashman, two transactions, quit claim deeds.

• Roger C. and Cheryl L. Boger to Roger C. Boger, trustee, Roger C. Boger Revocable Living Trust, Cheryl L. Boger, trustee, and Cheryl L. Boger Revocable Living Trust, quit claim deed.

• Nathan G. and Elisabeth C. Beard to Beards Properties LLC, quit claim deed.

• Marya Petrovna Tiutyuma, Andrey and Yuya Donets and Vyacheslav Donets to Jeremy Altis, warranty deed.

• John W. and Denise A. Dove to Steven L. Cannon, warranty deed.

• Redford Family Trust to Florian A. and Jessica L. Hammer, trustee’s deed.

• Robert J. and Melva G. Arnold to Robert E. and Stephanie E. Sanders, quit claim deed.

• James A. and Wanda J. Meyer to James A. Meyer, trustee, Wanda J. Meyer, trustee, and Meyer Family Trust, warranty deed.

• Julie Ann Fall to Third National Bank of Sedalia, warranty deed.

• Sandra K. Kroenke to Shirley Guier, warranty deed.

• Dougalas A. and Carmen M. Fredrick to Farwest Family Farm Inc., quit claim deed.

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