No four-way stop at 10th & Winchester, Council decides

October 23, 2013

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By Kyle Siegel
Staff writer

On Monday, Oct. 21, the Sedalia City Council met at the Municipal building for a brief council meeting. An ordinance to add a four-way stop to the 10th and Winchester intersection was discussed, as well as several other ordinances and bids for equipment.

The Sedalia City Council voted no on an ordinance that would make a four-way stop at 10th and Winchester. The original direction made by the Sedalia Traffic Advisory Commission to not install a four-way was taken by council after more time was set aside to view the matter.

The traffic commission made their recommendation based on federal guidelines. These guidelines listed criteria including traffic flow and the number of accidents over a period of time, and the intersection did not meet those criteria listed.

The four-way stop was a point of contention for citizens and council member alike during the Sept. 23 council meeting last month and the council had requested more time to look into the matter.

In other council news, the council approved an ordinance for an agreement between the City of Sedalia and ProEnergy Services to store the city’s new fire truck in ProEnergy facilities until such a time as the new fire station construction is complete. The new truck will be delivered to the city in the early part of November and it is anticipated that it will be able to be stored in the new fire station sometime late this year or early 2014.

ProEnergy is not charging the City of Sedalia any storage fees for this service, but it was necessary for the council to make an ordinance before the storage of the truck be allowed.

The council reviewed bids for a vacuum truck to be used by the Sedalia Water Pollution Control Department. City staff recommended accepting the bid from Red Municipal and Industrial Equipment Company of Kansas City in the amount of $308,700. This bid was the only one that met all city specifications.

Originally the city had budgeted $350,000 for the purchase of a vacuum truck, so this bid fell well below the amount in the budget.

The council also approved the purchase of office furniture for the Sedalia Street Department through the Cooperative Purchasing Network.

The purchase price for the office furniture came in at $7,021.70 and includes file cabinets, desks and storage cabinets. The purchase was budgeted.

The council approved the final plat for VRE Sedalia, which is a replat of a portion of Lot 1 of the Walton’s subdivision. This is property in front of the Sedalia Walmart. The ordinance dedicates public utility and roadway easements. This replat allows for the creation of a separate parcel for construction of an AT&T retail store.

Last month the council rejected a bid of $2,500 to pick up and properly dispose of surplus computer equipment. The council felt that the bid was too high and they were not anticipating such a high cost. Midwest Recycling offered another option and agreed to pick up the equipment at no charge, as well as providing required documentation and certification of disposal. According to staff, Midwest Recycling has a long history of working with local and state governments to dispose of their electronic equipment.

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