BRHC Auxiliary members to attend MAHA convention

October 23, 2013

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The October meeting of the BRHC Auxiliary board met in the conference room of the hospital with 12 members present.

Carol Ackerman gave the following awards report: total 1,217 volunteer hours were worked in the month of September. Foster McGuire and Mary Jo Stevenson reached the 100 hours mark, Charlotte Sidwell reached 300 hours, Martha Vollrath 1,500 hours and Joyce Monroe and Barbara Ryan each reached 4,000 hours.

Attending the MAHA Convention at Tan Tara Resort on Nov. 6 – 7 will be Carol Ackerman, Betty Sue Viterna, Joyce Monroe, Ruth Kerr, Karen Kay Taylor and Virginia McAllister.

Marge Watson’s bloodmobile report on Oct. 1 at the Christian Church showed 70 pints of blood collected. Volunteers working were: Martha Bridges, Anne Hamilton, Anna Lee Bail, Mary Jo Stevenson, Vickie Perry, Anna Craig and Marge Watson. The next Community Blood Drive is Dec. 10 and the BRHC Blood Drive is Dec. 20.

Discussion was held about the Appearance Standard regulations to be included in the Auxiliary Procedure Manual. Not reaching any agreement it was sent back to the committee for revision.

A sheet sale will be held on Nov. 14 – 15 in the hospital Café. The public is invited to shop the sheet sale and in the gift shop. The gift shop number is 827-9548 for information on Auxiliary events.

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