County clerk’s office to construct ‘secure room’

October 22, 2013

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Nick La Strada

By Kyle Siegel
Staff writer

In the next few weeks construction will begin on a new, secure election room in the Pettis County Clerk’s Office. The clerk’s office recently received a Voting Systems Grant from the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office in the amount of $5,222.

The grant will allow the office to remodel the current election room, updating it with new security measures.

“We are super excited about redoing our election room. We have qualified for grant money from the Secretary of State Office. We were going to redo it and we ran into this grant money,” Pettis County Clerk Nick La Strada said.

“We are putting in a secure door. Only authorized personnel will be able to go into the room. All of the election ballots, supplies and election equipment will go in there and only accessed by authorized personnel,” La Strada said.

He added, “We will be building new shelving in there so equipment we use can go on it.”

La Strada was asked why the decision to remodel the room was made.

“It really organizes the room and makes it more efficient during the election. The number one thing is that is saves the taxpayers money. We are constantly looking for ways to save taxpayers money,” he said.

Currently La Strada is in the process of finding a company to complete the work.

The Voting Systems Grant must be used by the end of the year and once a company is hired, construction will soon begin.

“It should be starting in the next couple of weeks. We have already laid carpet back there. It will take at least a week or two to complete. We are not the only county that has done this. It has been baby steps, but everything is coming together. We really want to move into 2014 as efficient and organized as possible,” La Strada said.

There are several elections next year and La Strada and the county clerk’s office are making strides to attract new voters.

“We have three elections next year and we are excited about that. We will be doing a voter drive in May at all of the area high schools in Pettis County,” La Strada said.

He added, “I am very available to the public and if anyone has any questions or suggestions, I am here for the voters of Pettis County.

The phone number of the Pettis County Clerk’s Office is (660) 826-5000 extension 918. Photo by Randy Kirby, Sedalia News Journal.

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