Real Estate 10-14-13

October 14, 2013

in Real Estate

The following real estate transactions have been released by the Pettis County Recorder of Deeds:

• Robert D. and Beverly L. Rollings, John C. and Mary E. Wendt to Robert D. and Beverly L. Rollings, warranty deed.

• Robert D. and Beverly L. Rollings, John C. and Mary F. Wendt to John C. and Mary F. Wendt, warranty deed.

• Timothy E. and Gina L. Doogs to Nikolay and Galina Zhelezoglo, warranty deed.

• Larry G. and Dorothy D. Russell to Larry G. Russell, trustee, Dorothy D. Russell, trustee and Larry and Dorothy Russell Living Trust, quit claim deed.

• Mary Lou Woodall, conservator and Estate of Harold Lee Woodall to James Louis Wood, conservator deed.

• Mary Lou Woodall to James Louis Wood, warranty deed.

• Sergy and Tatyanna Kioroglo and Vitaliy and Victoria Kioroglo to Yury Kutsar, quit claim deed.

• Yury and Yulya Kutsar to Stephen P. Belles Jr., and Melissa A. Belles, warranty deed.

• C. L. Henke Jr. and Janice M. Yokley to C. L. Henke Jr., quit claim deed.

• Donald R. and Elizabeth A. Meyer to Alan Marshal Investments LLC, warranty deed.

• Matty L. and Kristina D. Carr to Jeremy and Erica Cox, warranty deed.

• David M. and Linda J. Kirchhoff to Donald Eugene Griffith III, quit claim deed.

• Douglas C. and Susan C. Burlingame to Thomas R. Burlingame, quit claim deed.

• Rick Carl and Lorri Ann Johnson to Rick Carl Johnson, quit claim deed.

• Jacqueline Page Kesterson and Jessica Leigh Kesterson to Jacqueline Kesterson, warranty deed.

• Sedalia Housing Authority to Pastor Norberto Angel, Raqel Saldana Banales, Ana Alejandra Angel Saldana and Pastor Norberto Angel, warranty deed.

• Dmitry N. and Anna Rudnitsaya to Brandon M. Comfort, warranty deed.

• Constance Pizzo and Mark Stephen Klein to Constance Pizzo, quit claim deed.

• Gerald and Joyce Wiltz to Shayne D. Sherwood and Kristel V. Ratliff, warranty deed.

• Raymond D. Kahrs II and Christa D. Kahrs to Raymond D. Kahrs II and Christa D. Kahrs, warranty deed.

• Michal A. and Jackie E. Stratton to Charles Taylor, warranty deed.

• James L. Toboben to Kristina A. Toland, warranty deed.

• Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to County of Pettis, warranty deed.

• James R. and Marjorie A. Wessing to James R.Wessing, trustee, Marjorie A. Wessing, trustee and Wessing Family Trust, quit claim deed.

• Dennis and Nancy Kueker to Marvin J. and Pamela W. Frieborg, warranty deed.

• His Way Jesus LLC to Charles D. and Arlyss M. Nutsch, warranty deed.

• Harvey L. Griffitt and Earlene Fallon Hamilton to Harvey L. Griffitt, warranty deed.

• S and W Foreclosure Corp. and Nicholas A. McRoberts to MCN Properties LLC, foreclosure deed.

• Douglas Francis and Tamara Sue Koetting to Robert Joe and Stacy Lynn Curry, quit claim deed.

• Stephen L. Twenter to Victor L. Zimmerschied and Charles M. Griggs, warranty deed.

• Jimmy A. Halphin Jr. to Jeannie M. Halphin, quit claim deed.

• Jeffrey J. and Samantha L. Arnwine to Tailar S. Arnwine, warranty deed.

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