‘Happy Altrusans’ gather for regional meeting

October 11, 2013

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Altrusans from around the state recently attended a regional gathering in Sedalia. Six members from Altrusa International of Greater Kansas City as well as two members of the newly formed Altrusa Club of Lee’s Summit attended the event entitled “Healthy Altrusans are Happy Altrusans” sponsored by Altrusa International of Sedalia.

Representing Altrusa International of Greater Kansas City were Marne Close and Shannon Johnston from Kansas City; Carla Evans-Solano of Lee’s Summit; Barbara Britt of Excelsior Springs; Mary Rix of Overland Park, Kan.; and Jenny Troutman of Prairie Village, Kan. From the newly formed Lee’s Summit group attending were Kristen King-Spero and Carolyn Kreissler both of Lee’s Summit. Barbara Britt along with Penny Daugherty of Mexico, and Ronda Blakley of Moberly, gave a presentation on what’s involved in keeping your club healthy utilizing a power point presentation, handouts and an interactive discussion format.

Keynote speaker, Jennifer Yazell talked about “Living a Positive Life.” Yazell is founder and CEO of Golden Egg Communications. She challenged Altrusans to change their mindsets, the way they think about things. She accurately described Altrusans as doers but reminded everyone that if they wanted to get different results that it would become necessary to change how they think. To quote, “How you see yourself (thinking) affects what you do. What you do affects what you get!”

The formal part of the meeting closed with a presentation by JoAnn Martin of Sedalia who addressed the birth of Healthy U, a community initiative specifically designed to build a healthy community. A number of Altrusans have been in on the groundwork of this initiative to improve their community. This is in keeping with the association’s new tag line of Altrusa International: Leading to a Better Community.

Altrusa International is an international association of civic-minded women and men who volunteer their energies and expertise in projects dedicated to community betterment. Nearly 10,000 Altrusans worldwide are proud of their community commitment to enhance the lives of those in their local and global communities. Since their inception in 1917, Altrusa clubs and members have provided over 1 million collective volunteer hours in their communities. Altrusa clubs serve in over 360 communities in 10 countries. Altrusa espouses volunteerism, service and fights for literacy and against HIV/AIDS. The nonprofit Foundation assists projects emphasizing literacy. Altrusa International is based in Chicago, Ill.

Inspired by Thoreau, Altrusan Mamie L. Bass, first national president of Altrusa, put it best: “It is not enough to be good; Altrusans must be good for something.” In addition to increasing our repertoire of service across the country and world, Altrusa Clubs have launched extensive membership efforts to welcome interested citizens to join us in our campaign for change. Our members are drawn from all cultures, from all age groups, and from all economic standings, with a common thread of wanting to give back. For more information about Altrusa, contact Club President, Jeanean Sieving at grannyj57@att.net. –Submitted.

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