Real Estate 10-3-13

October 3, 2013

in Real Estate

Recent real estate transactions released by the Pettis County Recorder of Deeds include:

• Estate of Suellen Harrison Scott to Cameron G. Scott and Joseph H. Scott, final settlement.

• Brent L. and Connie E. Sandidge to Russell M. Driskell, warranty deed.

• Russell M. Driskell to Walter and Dorothy Rogers, warranty deed.

• Russell M. Driskell and Theresa and Patrick Lynch to Walter and Dorothy Rogers, warranty deed.

• Charles C. Christiansen Jr. to A OK Storage LLC, quit claim deed.

• Nelson S. and Naomi Z. Weaver to Karl D. and Denise J. Jaegers, warranty deed.

• Meghan J. and Kent B. Dow to Maria Guadalupe Pacheco, warranty deed.

• Angela D. and Paul Mothersbaugh to Bailey L. Paris, warranty deed.

• Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Virgil D. Rodgers II, warranty deed.

• South and Associates PC and Jeremy R. Noble to US Bank National Association, foreclosure deed.

• Clinton S. and Ashley L. Raetz, Louis K. Ahlemeyer, trustee, and Nadine Ahlemeyer, trustee, to Ahlemeyer Family Trust, warranty deed.

• Leo Richards, Michael and Carol Fisher and Roy and Jacqueline K. Wood to CGK Farms LLC, warranty deed.

• Maurice D. and Kathryn M. Tankersley to Rusty and Angela Thomas, warranty deed.

• Michael and Melissa Dawn Taylor to PHH Mortgage Corp., warranty deed.

• PHH Mortgage Corp to Veterans Affairs, warranty deed.

• John and Amy C. Youngstrom to Ron G. Younblood Jr., warranty deed.

• Samantha Ann and Joshua Rogers to Jose G. Lemus Cisneros, Ana Rosa and Cisneros Jose G. Lemus, warranty deed.

• Daniel Lee Schneider to Connie Lynn Schneider, quit claim deed.

• Ralph E. and Maudeline Britz to Mark Euene McDonald, warranty deed.

• Daryl L. and Sandra Cook, Michael D. and Kerry M. Dickey and Sheila K. Hart to Gayle and Wayne Lamb, warranty deed.

• Estate of Janet Lou Dunstan and John M. Kritus, personal representative, to Keele Brothers LLC, deed.

• Victoria and Terrance Evans to Clarence A. Williams and Conchetta Murray, quit claim deed (two transactions).

• APHH Mortgage Corp. to Veterans Affairs, warranty deed.

• Maurine Hinken to DeMotte Family Trust, quit claim deed.

• William L. and Theresa M. Millsap to Brandon Millsap, warranty deed.

• Dorothy Jean Schneider to Dorothy Jean Schneider, trustee, and Dorothy Jean Schneider Revocable Trust, quit claim deed.

• Amber and Lee R. Scribner to Zakhariy Izota, warranty deed.

• ConnieLynn Schneider to Daniel Lee Schneider, quit claim deed.

• Mary Flippin to Sedalia Area Habitat for Humanity, warranty deed.

• Janice Ruth Cornwall to Sarah N. Priesendorf, warranty deed.

• Lewis and Donna J. Watson to Carl L. and Earlene A. Tosspon, waranty deed.

• Jerome C. and Cynthia S. Dick to Donna J. Watson, warranty deed.

• MFA Petroleum Co. to HJPV311 Properties LLC, warranty deed.

• Deborah Gail Fairfax to Jimmy A. Halphin, quit claim deed.

• Bank of America NA to William M. Trout Jr., warranty deed.

• Bank of America NA to Michael Clark, warranty deed.

• Roberta Lemeux to Christopher Lewis, warranty deed.

• Shauna M. Hensley and Jackie W. Hensley to Shauna M. Hensley and Jackie W. Hensley, quit claim deed.

• Brian Family Trust, Dennis Curtis Bryan, trustee, and Linda Fay Bryan, tustee, to Anthony Len Salmons, trustee’s deed.

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