Downtown building inspections, traffic control main topics at City Council

October 3, 2013

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By Kyle Siegel
Staff writer

It was a busy night in the Sedalia City Council chambers Sept. 23, where in front of a full-house, two presentations were made concerning the traffic control situation at 10th and Winchester and a proposed Certificate of Inspection ordinance concerning the downtown commercial district.

During the city council work session, Public Works Director Bill Beck gave a presentation concerning the intersection of 10th and Winchester. After receiving multiple complaints from community members about the intersection, the Citizens Traffic Advisory Commission looked into the situation and made their recommendation to leave the intersection as is.

It was suggested by Councilman Tolbert Rowe that more time be given to look into the situation and come back for the second council meeting in October to vote yes or no on an ordinance to install a four-way stop.

Not every request received was in favor of a four-way stop or roundabout. Some of the requests were in favor of increasing the speed limit from 16th Street to Broadway.

Beck spoke of criteria for a multi-way stop per the Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices. According to the criteria the decision to install a multi-way stop should be based on an engineering decision. It also states that there has to be five or more reported crashes in a 12-month period that could have been corrected by a multi-way stop. The manual also speaks of minimum traffic volumes. The manual recommends that there be at least a 300 vehicle volume entering the intersection per hour for any eight hours on an average day, coming from major street approaches.

There were vocal members of the community in attendance to ask the council to place the four-way stop due to the area increasing in businesses and residences. The council made the decision to revisit the issue with an ordinance at the second October meeting.

The decision to table an ordinance for a Certification of Inspection for the downtown commercial district was made allowing council time to revisit the issue at a later date after several concerned citizens vocalized their issues with the specifics of the ordinance.

During the regular council session, council approved several ordinances and bids for various projects including runway reconstruction at the Sedalia Regional Airport.

A bid from Ideker, Inc. was approved in the amount of $3,376,968.39 for the reconstruction of the Runway 18-36 project. This was the low bid and MODot, along with the consulting group H.W. Lochner agreed with the recommendation to accept this bid. Construction will begin after April 1, 2014. The project is entirely paid for with grant monies with the exception of a five percent match from the city. This match totals $168,984.20.

Council reviewed and accepted a bid from Heartland Finishes of Columbia, Missouri for the painting of the Sedalia Street Department building. The accepted bid came in at $5,100 and was the low bid.

Council also approved an ordinance approving the purchase of real estate at 118 W. 2nd Street in the amount of $25,000. The building will be used for storage of city records and other possible uses.

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