Families welcome new AFS students to Sedalia

September 24, 2013

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Melinda Moore, Kevin Moore, Mick Moore, Miria Carretti, Renee Prepusich, Justin & Zach Prepusich. Back row: Mario Schulz, Paul Prepusich.

Sedalia AFS (American Field Service Student Exchange) recently gathered at the home of Dan and Jenny Hurley to welcome the new AFS students who will be in Sedalia for this school year.

The students arrived in mid-August and are settling in with their families and their new friends at Smith-Cotton High School.

Kevin and Melinda Moore are hosting Miria Carretti who is from Italy and the Paul and Renee Prepusich family have welcomed Mario Schulz from Germany into their home. Miria and Mario each told a little about themselves and their first impressions of Sedalia. Both are really happy to be here.

Melinda Moore, Mick Moore, Miria Carretti and Kevin Moore.

The club also welcomed Mick Moore, son of Kevin and Melinda, who is recently home from his six-month stay in France as an AFS Student Ambassador. Mick told the group about some of his experiences in France.

Renee Prepusich, Mario Schulz, Justin, Paul Prepusich, Zach.

AFS has been active in Sedalia since 1955 and Sedalia families have hosted 64 students from abroad. Nearly that many Sedalia young people have traveled to foreign countries with AFS.

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