New location for Game Zone allows for expansion

September 23, 2013

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Aaron and Melissa Hunton, owners of Game Zone, stand at the front counter of their new location at 315 South Ohio.

By Kyle Siegel
Staff writer

Game Zone Comics & Games may have moved to a bigger, new location, but customers will still be able to find them in historic downtown Sedalia. The new location at 315 S. Ohio is just a stones’ throw away from their previous location.

Owners Aaron and Melissa Hunton were asked about the reason for the move into the new building.

“Our first eight years were at the old location. We wanted to expand. We are growing,” Aaron Hunton said.

His wife Melissa added, “There was literally no more space in the building to grow. The place we have now has a lot more floor space.”

For those unfamiliar with Game Zone Comics & Games, they are the premiere place in Sedalia to find gaming supplies, including table-top games, card games, dice games, role playing games, comics and supplies. They also carry all kinds of video games and supplies, as well as gaming systems new and old.

One of the big sellers consistently over the years for Game Zone has been Magic: The Gathering. In fact Game Zone will be hosting a pre-release Magic: The Gathering tournament on September 21-22. The event starts at midnight on Friday and will be a sealed tournament.

They also have Friday Night Magic. It is Magic: The Gathering tournaments beginning at 6:30 pm on Friday nights. There are a wide variety of tournament types.

Another popular game at Game Zone is Pokemon. They will also be putting on tournaments in October for the new up-and-coming card game Kaijudo.

Floor space, which has been an issue in the past, has increased by almost two times from the previous location. The old location had 1000 square feet of space and the new location, at 315 S. Ohio, has 1980 square feet.

“It’s more floor space and it separates the players from the store front. Before you had stuff on both sides of the gaming area,” Aaron said.

The Huntons were asked what kind of things that they have expanded since moving to the new location.

“We have more board games out now than we did before. We have expanded our gaming area for players. That was a big thing,” he said.

Melissa added, “We are getting ready to expand our video games.”

While Game Zone is open for business, they are currently putting finishing touches on the new location.

“We are open for business, but we are still trying to adjust to our new space,” Melissa Hunton said.

Game Zone Comics & Games will be holding a grand reopening week staring on Wednesday, September 18, and they will be having sales and specials during the rest of the week.

During the remodeling process the Huntons made use of some built in casing that was blocked off by previous building owners.

“The previous owners walled them up with sheet rock. The previous owners told us that there were cases behind the wall if we wanted to try and use them. We had to paint them and there was no glass in them. We had to update them. They are antique and you can’t but old parts for them,” Aaron Hunton said.

He added, “We are in the process of making everything ADA accessible.”

Aaron was asked how response has been to the new location and he responded, “Everybody loves it. They love the big space.”

Game Zone Comics & Games is located at 315 S. Ohio and their phone number is (660) 826-8063. Ffree to call and ask questions. Photos by Randy Kirby, Sedalia News Journal.

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