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September 21, 2013

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Kaysinger Conference art students converged on the Missouri State Fairgrounds Sept. 20 for the annual Kaysinger Conference Middle School Art Contest.

Each Kaysinger Conference school (10 schools in all — Cole Camp, Green Ridge, La Monte, Lincoln, Northwest, Sacred Heart, Smithton, Stover, Tipton and Windsor) brought 16 seventh and eighth grade students to the event, and students will compete in one of eight media, such as black ink, charcoal, colored pencil, markers, pastel, graphite, watercolor and mixed media (two students from each school in each category).

Students were free to create their art anywhere on the fairgrounds.

After a lunch break, students participated in a group activity. Presentation of awards, ribbons and trophies took place at SFCC, and concluded by 2 p.m., according to event organizer Mendy Smith.

Results are listed below:

Ink Pen/Ink Wash

1st place Karin Taushanzhi Green Ridge

2nd place Zach Ollison Smithton

3rd place Oscar Cisners La Monte

4th place Emma Boyko Smithton


1st place Jenna Paevete Windsor

2nd place Hannah Rodriguez Windsor

3rd place Torey Gates Lincoln

4th place Deztiny Bellinger Tipton


1st place Keirsten Lorenz Green Ridge

2nd place Brayden Sparks Smithton

3rd place Kenton Stover Tipton

4th place Andy Bautista Sacred Heart

Mixed Media

1st place Rocio Rodriquez La Mont

2nd place Nick Cashman Sacred Heart

3rd place Stefanie Borts Tipton

4th place Haley Henderson Smithton

Colored Pencil

1st place Dylan Hayden Sacred Heart

2nd place Charlie Fletcher La Monte

3rd place Kayla McCallister Lincoln

4th place Ashley Ebeling Windsor


1st place Claire Weathers North West

2nd place Bailey Crouch Lincoln

3rd place Josh Saunders Cole Camp

4th place McKenzie Embry Tipton


1st place Chelsea Smith Sacred Heart

2nd place Alex Rodriquez La Monte

3rd place Justin Schroder Stover

4th place Kevin Brown Cole Camp


1st place Ashleah England Green Ridge

2nd place Allison Taylor Cole Camp

3rd place Rima Kondratuk Green Ridge

4th place Eryn Capestro Tipton

Best of Show

Ashleah England Green Ridge. Photos by Randy Kirby, Sedalia News Journal.



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