Students asked to pledge not to text & drive

September 19, 2013

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Sacred Heart students attending an assembly on Thursday were asked to sign a pledge banner by Student Council members urging them not to text and drive. STUCO President Grace Callis was presented with a ‘Drive 4 Pledges Day’ proclamation from Sedalia Mayor Elaine Horn.

Students then watched a powerful video detailing the devastating effects of texting while driving, involving real victims, their relatives and the perpetrators, as well as detailed accounts from law enforcement.

Students were then encouraged to sign the banner, which will be displayed at the school.

According to statistics, nearly 50 percent of commuters text while behind the wheel and more than 40 percent of commuters who do it, admit it is a habit for them.

Other SH student council members helping lead the assembly were senior Ari Jacks, Sydney Eichholz and STUCO vice president Morgan Bogue. Photos by Randy Kirby, Sedalia News Journal.



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