Real Estate 9-10-13

September 10, 2013

in Real Estate

Recent real estate transactions reported by the Pettis County Clerk’s office include:

• Dennis and Marina Baklashev to Vladimir M. and Svetlana N. Novatskaya, warranty deed.

• Sedalia Housing Authority to George R. V. Craig Jr, warranty deed.

• William V. and Evelyn L. Richards to Evelyn Richards and Linda Diane Youngblood, warranty deed.

• Kenneth E. and Christina L. Randolph and Lawrence J. and Sherry L. Young to Kenneth E. and Christina L. Randolph and Lawrence J. and Sherry L. Young, quit claim deed.

• Angela and Mark Burykin to Svetlana and Paul Mironchenko, quit claim deed.

• Svetlana and Paul Mironchenko to Vera S. and Vladimir P. Tutevich, warranty deed.

• Ira and Shirley McMackin to Marcia J. Baker, warranty deed.

• Robert H. Upton, trustee, Dorothy L. Upton, trustee and Upton Family Trust to Igor and Olga Taushanzhi, trustee’s deed.

• Keele Construction Inc. to Judith C. and Charles G. Meyer, warranty deed.

• Linda S. Whitfield to DeLong’s Inc., warranty deed.

• Jessica N. Nichols to Kimberly S. Lyne, warranty deed.

• Marshal Alan Investments LLC and Alfred Bartol to Terri Bartol, warranty deed.

• Ronald R. Fenton Jr. and Heather Fenton to S and D Properties LLC, warranty deed.

• Evelyn Mae and John Carl Lanage to David and Amy Lake, warranty deed.

• Richard W. Neuman to Teri L. Neuman, quit claim deed.

• Dannie Bell to Martin Crabtree, quit claim deed.

• Geary W. and Nora G. Long to Peyton S. and Crystal S. Narron, warranty deed.

• James R. and Jason Norman to William P. Burton, warranty deed.

• David and Amy Lake to David A. Lake Revocable Trust and A. Lake David Revocable Trust, warranty deed.

• Randal D. and Wanda J. Meyer to Randal D. Meyer, trustee, Wanda J. Meyeer, trustee and Meyer Family Trust, (two transactions) warranty deed.

• Casey’s Marketing Co. to Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission, warranty deed.

• Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission to Casey’s Marketing Co., quit claim deed.

• Arthur P. and Joyce D. Young to Marvin and Christine Kreider, quit claim deed.

• S and W Foreclosure Corp. and Matthew Leroy and Nicole Herrera to PHH Mortgage Corp., trustee’s deed.

• Skyler L. Smith and Robert B. Cross attorney in fact to Landon D. Smith, warranty deed.

• Dixi P. McGregor and Diana Lynn Parsons, trustee, to Linda Jean Bilbruck, quit claim ceed.

• Clinton D. and Mirriam R. Knox to Michael D. and Mary L. Shane, warranty deed.

• John and Amber McGraw to Dennis Potts, Jacqueline M. Potts Mc-

Pherson and Jacqueline M. McPherson Potts, warranty deed.

• J.P. Morgan Chase Bank National Association to Todd J. and Maria Letourneau, warranty deed.

• O. B. Warren Jr. and Antoinette R. Warren to Matthew D. and Joni S. Sartain, warranty deed.

• Francis and Loralea Schultz to Angela E. Schultz, warranty deed.

• Robert J. Theiler Jr. and Donita M. Theiler to Nathan J. and Rachel A. Wesley, warranty deed.

• Charles R. and Teresa K. Ayers to Donnie and Terri Hunter, warranty deed.

• Anicka K. Oyen to Matthew A. Brosch, quit claim deed.

• James E. Ewing and Simon Kenton Fight Estate to Matthew K. and Charla K. Huston, deed.

• Nathaniel DeGraff to Michael and Nathaniel DeGraff, quit claim deed.

• Christy Thompson, trustee, and AGBRW Revocable Trust to Andrea Dawn Pankey, warranty deed.

• Christy Thompson and Joseph F. Thompson Jr. to Andrea Dawn Parkey, warranty deed.

• David A. and Barbara B. Eberly to Jose M. Montano Castaneda and Jose M. Castaneda Montano, warranty deed.

• Phillip Timonthy Hedrick to Alicia A. Cross McGinnis, warranty deed.

• Alicia A. and Larry McGinnis to Judith Moriarty Ebers and Harvard Ebers, warranty deed.

• Sandra K. Fischer to Michael H. Fischer, quit claim deed.

• Michael H. Fischer to Brandon M. and Lori Hurt, warranty deed.

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