Arrests 9-10-13

September 10, 2013

in Police Reports

The Pettis County Sheriff’s Department has released these recent arrest reports:

• Layard Wayne Taylor, 39, 511 East Saline, failure to appear, Ofc. Mike Elwood, Sedalia Police Department (SPD), arresting officer.

• Becky Lynn Taylor, 34, 511 East Saline, failure to appear, Ofc. Rodney Engelbrecht, SPD, arresting officer.

• Travis Randall Walker, 28, Park Hills, Mo., failure to appear on felony driving under the influence, Ofc. John Cooks, SPD, arresting officer.

• Travis Dale Martin, 23, 523 West Sixth, failure to appear, Ofc. Jacob White, SPD, arristing officer.

• Krostopher Gavinlee Paxton, 19, 900 Griffith Ave., failure to appear, seat belt, Ofc. Mike Elwood, SPD, arresting officer.

• David Michael Braden, 20, 1201 Elm Hills Blvd., failure to appear, Ofc. Casey DeVorss, SPD, arrresting officer.

• Tonya Darlene Skitnick, 24, 415 North Hunley, failure to appear, Ofc. Brian Egbert, Pettis County Sheriff’s Department (PCSD), arresting officer.

• Shawn Gordon Spencer, 38, 918 East 14th, failure to appear, Ofc. Elise Ybarra, SPD, arresting officer.

• Christopher Dean Waggoner, 25, listed as homeless, Resting or interfering with a felony arrest; probation violation, Ofc. Wesley Flores, SPD, arresting officer.

• Kelly Nichole Littlepage, 29420 East Walnut, 24-hour hold, resisting or interfering with a felony arrest; 24-hour hold, resisting arrest, Ofc. Wesley Flores, SPD, arresting officer.

• Beth Ellen Ford, 50, Oak Tree Manor, failure to appear; Morgan County falure to appear, Ofc. William Connor, SPD, arresting officer.

• Caleb Michael Allcorn, 31, 1001 East 13th, 24-hour hold, third degree domestic assault (two counts), Ofc. John Cook, SPD, arresting officer.

• Dakota Lee Byrd, 20, 2201 West Fifth, seconddegree assault, Det. Daniel Banner, SPD, arresting officer.

• Dylan Michael See-

vers, 17, 312 West Sixth, failure to appear, Sgt. Kelley Casto, SPD, arresting officer.

• Michael Edward Anderson, 52, 479 Welch Court, Failure to appear for resisting of interfering with an arrest; second degree burglary; stealing, OFc. Darren Cline, PCSD, arresting officer.

• Alla Valentino Mishchuk, 27, 609 Wilkerson, probation violation; possession of a controlled substance; use or possession of drug paraphernalia, Sgt. Jason Atwood, PCSD, arrsting officer.

• Jackie Wayne Hensley, 51, 803 West Third, driving a motor vehicle while license was suspended, Cpl. Eric Keim, Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP), arresting officer.

• William Allyn Wei-gand, 29, 701 South Engineer, failure to appear on back fines, Ofc. Bradley Arnold, SPD, arresting officer.

• Joshua Alan Groves, 21, 612 East Ninth, suspended or revoked license, Ofc. Sean Hiatt, SPD, arresting officer.

• Dawn Renee Showman, 33, 1118 East Fifth, failure to appear for backfines for defective equipment, Ofc. Sean Hiatt, SPD, arresting officer.

• Earl Michael Moon, 37, 510 South Engineer, non-support; suspended or revoked license, Ofc. Rodney Collins, SPD, arresting officer.

• Derek Bradley Hughes, 26, 3819 Souhgate Loop, 24-hour hold, forgery; 24-hour hold, stealing, Det. Aaron Berry, SPD, arresting officer.

• Brad Lee Morgan, 35, 1304 East Sixth, suspended or revoked license, Ofc. Preston Hesselbacher, SPD, arresting officer.

• Jordan Anthony Besel, 23, 2230 West First, 24-hour hold, felony driving while intoxicated; 24-hour hold, driving a motor vehicle while driver’s liccense was revoked; 24-hour hold, leaving the scene of an accident; 24-hour hold, second degree vehicular assault (two counts), Ofc. Jacob White, SPD, arresting officer.

• Amber Lynn Ledbetter, 24, 423 West Fourth, failure to appear on driving while revoked, Ofc. Javier Gonzalez, PCSD, arresting officer.

• Joseph Lee Hensley, 31, 515 West 15th, Morgan County failure to appear, Ofc. A. J. Silvey, SPD, arresting officer.

• Gary Lee Barnett, 38, Sweet Springs, driving while license was revoked or suspended; resisting arrest; failure to appear, Ofc. Matt Sprinkles, SPD, arresting officer.

• Christopher Lee Ekfurth, 30, 400 East Harvey, 48-hour commitment, driving while revoked, Ofc. Scott Nichols, PCSD, arresting officer.

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