Officially sworn in

August 29, 2013

in Local

Pettis County Assessor Karissa Logan was officially sworn into office by Pettis County Clerk Nick La Strada at 9 a.m. this morning, Aug. 29 in the Commissioners Chambers. The brief event was attended by other Republican office holders and several friends, as well as her husband Brent. Logan was also sworn in Dec. 31 along with the other Pettis County office holders.

“Karissa Logan, who was appointed by the governor at the recommendation of the Pettis County Commission to fill the unexpired term of Dean Dohrman and has since been duly elected by the great folks of Pettis County was sworn in today as our Pettis County Assessor,” proclaimed Pettis County Presiding Commissioner John Meehan.

“Nick La Strada, Pettis County Clerk, had the honor of swearing in Mrs. Logan, and her husband Brent stood by her proudly,” Meehan added. Photo by Randy Kirby, Sedalia News Journal.





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