Real Estate 8-28-13

August 28, 2013

in Real Estate

The following recent real estate transactions have been released:

• Richard William Hunter to Christopher Allen Hunter, quit claim deed.

• O. B. Warren Jr. and Antoinette R. Warren to Melissa L. and Robert A. Slaughter, warranty deed.

• Justin W. and Sara B. Bryan to Jolene Selvey, warranty deed.

• First Citizens Bank & Trust Co., to Secretary of Housing and Urban Deve-lopment, warranty deed.

• US Bank National Association to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

• Billy E. and Joyce P. Utz to Jeffrey J. and Samantha L. Arnwine, warranty deed.

• Jack Baker and Judy Donahue to Alonzo Lee Shanks, warranty deed.

• Lynne R. Browning to Donald W. and Sheri L. Johnston, warranty deed.

• Terri L. Smith and Deron M. Ray to Celia Crystel Aguirre, warranty deed.

• Gene A. and Sherri A. Schreiber to Michael Ray Homan, warranty deed.

• Bank of America NA to Sonshine Properties LLC, warranty deed.

• Brian Patrick and Rebecca Ellen Wood to Brian P. and Rebecca E. Wood, warranty deed.

• Clayton C. and Catherine Fidler to Katherine and Kimberly Schroeder and Kevin Schroeder, warranty deed.

• Timothy E. and Gina Doogs to Janeth Gonzalez, warranty deed.

• Michelle and Dana Thompson, Amy and Adam Fauss, Lynda and Bill Eades to Lynne R. Browning, warranty deed.

• John H. and Susanna L. Joy to Alice and Matthew Townsend, warranty deed.

• Danny and Olivia Green to Paul D. and Martha Ross, warranty deed.

• Beulah L. and Arnold E. Peek to Arnold and Beulah Peek Revocable Trust, Beulah L. Peek, trustee, and Arnold E. Peek, trustee, quit claim deed.

• Jennifer Dawn Nicks to John T. Kay and Jeffrey E. Green, trustee.

• Debra Lynn Lamb and Debra Lynn Lamb, trustee, to Debra Lynn Lamb Revocable Trust, quit claim deed.

• Johnie D. and Jessica Brauer to John Loveland, warrant deed.

• Clyde L. Litz Jr. and Stephanie J. Litz to Jacob M. and Priscilla D. Shelledy, warranty deed.

• Donal D. Berry to Donna Dolores Berry, trustee, to Donna Dolores Berry Revocable Trust, warranty deed.

• MCN Properties LLC to Tonya and Michael Kindle, quit claim deed.

• Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Vitaliy N. and Yelena Y. Verbovskiy, warranty deed.

• Millsap and Singer PC and Chad H. and Misty M. Kindle to Matrix Financial Services Corp., foreclosure deed.

• Millsap and Singer PC and Michael W. and Angela M. Luebering to Mellon Bank of New York, foreclosure deed.

• Millsap and Singer PC and Shane T. and Christy D. Nelson to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, foreclosure deed.

• Brandy Kay Simon to Noan Ray Simon, quit claim deed.

• Infinite Legacy Spendthrift Trust to Steven W. and Andrea Goldstrom, warranty deed.

• Jedidiah and Tara West to Ivan and Mariana Limanskiy, warranty deed.

• Laura E. and Brian J. Weisenburger to Patricia N. Binnie, warranty deed.

• Judith C. and Charles Gary Meyer to Darrell and Linda Schulz, warranty deed.

• Judith C. Meyer, guardian, and Estate of Charles Gary Meyer to Darrell and Linda Schilz.

• Natalya Yakimenko and Anastasiya Begina to James D. and Treasure D. Green, warranty deed.

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