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City to purchase Jennie Jaynes for $1 Million

August 21, 2013

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By Kyle Siegel
Staff writer

In a closed session on Monday evening, the Sedalia City Council voted and approved the purchase of property at 105 S. Limit, 215 S. Limit and 1712 Liberty Park Boulevard. The property currently houses Jennie Jaynes Stadium.

The property is to be purchased from the Sedalia 200 School District in the amount of $1,000,000, plus title insurance and closing costs. The city council approved the purchase by the City of Sedalia, doing business as the Sedalia Parks Department.

In the regular session, the Sedalia City Council approved several ordinances and agreements including an agreement for the transfer of entitlements from the Sedalia Regional Airport and from the Joplin Regional Airport. By approving the ordinance, the Sedalia Regional Airport will be able to exchange available funding years with the Joplin Regional Airport. This prevents the loss of grant dollars and do not affect the bottom line grant dollars. This is also a state approved method for both cities to retain all available grant funding.

The Sedalia City Council was originally going to review the purchase of a sewer vacuum truck for the Water Pollution Control Department. The council decided to table the decision until the next regularly scheduled meeting on September 3.

In other council news, the Sedalia City Council approved an ordinance which adopted a Stormwater Master Plan for the City of Sedalia. The plan, which was prepared by Olsson Associates, was brought before the council earlier this year. Since approved, city staff can start addressing stormwater projects each year, budget permitting.

Total costs associated with all projects listed in the master plan total $11,904,390.00. According to information provided by city staff, this approach allows a systematic approach toward solving various stormwater issues in the community within a tight budget, instead of being reactive to problems.

The council also approved an ordinance adding Section 22-56 to the city code. This ordinance also repealed Sections 22-48, 22-51, 22-53, 22-54 and 22-55 of city code relating to surface water runoff management. This approved design criteria approved by the council in 1991. These changes were made for the City of Sedalia to be in compliance with ever-changing state and federal stormwater regulations.

The council also approved an ordinance which accepted a licensing agreement between the City of Sedalia and Multi-Bank Securities for the use of services, the ability to post deposit rates and access inventory offered by eConnectDirect. According to city staff, it provides an efficient, convenient and safe method for researching and investing city funds.

The council passes a resolution which authorized a change date change for the September 16 city council meeting. That meeting was rescheduled on September 23, as not to conflict with the annual Missouri Municipal League Conference. Photo by Randy Kirby, Sedalia News Journal.

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