Real Estate 8-19-13

August 19, 2013

in Real Estate

These recent real estate transactions have been reported:

• Arnold E. and Beulah L. Peek to Arnold E. and Beulah L. Peek, quit claim deed.

• Jonathon A. Buffington Revocable Living Trust and Rebecca L. Buffington Revocable Living Trust to Thomas J. and Ceree Lower, trustee’s deed.

• M and T Bank to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., warranty deed.

• Russell and Stephanie Dedrick to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., warranty deed.

• Wells Fargo Bank NA to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., warranty deed.

• Wells Fargo Bank National Association to Larry Wayne Schneider, warranty deed.

• Jeffrey L. and Sheri R. Young to Aleko Invest LLC, warranty deed.

• Lyudmila Andrichuck and Viktor Kravchuk to Vladimir Andrichuk, quit claim deed.

• Timothy S. Carpenter to Rose Anne Carpenter, quit claim deed.

• Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Kaja Holdings LLC, warranty deed.

• Karen Gail Schneider to Dale Richard Schmedding, quit claim deed.

• Donnie and Terri Hunter to Bryant C. Twenter, warranty deed.

• Recovery Prison Ministries to Brian P. Propheter, warranty deed.

• Kevin R. and Darla Shrock to Emerald Acres Land and Poultry LLC, warranty deed.

• Kelli June Rodgers, Kami Louise Rodgers, Virgil Dean Rodgers II and Gary Yancey, commissioner, to Ronald E. and Crol A. Jobe, warranty deed.

• R. Wayne and M. Viola Rhoads to Rhoads Rentals LLC, quit claim deed.

• Walter Wayne Clark, trustee, Frances LouiseClark, trustee, Walter Wayne Clark Living Trust and Frances Louise Clark Living G. Trust to Michael L. and Shirley G. Clark, trustee’s deed.

• James K. and Sherry D. Sumner to James K. and Sherry D. Sumner, quit claim deed.

• Marshal Alan Investments LLC to Caleb M. Carver and Megan N. Glenn, warranty deed.

• Robert and Alice Korey to American International Relocation Solutions LLC, warranty deed.

• American International Relocations Solutions LLC to Daniel E. Ballinger, warranty deed.

• Phillip B. Doyal Jr. and Melissa A. Doyal to Richard Luke and Kristina M. Mauldin, warranty deed.

• Matthew and Paula K. Adams to Selken Farms LLC, warranty deed.

• Caroline A. Clancy to Donald L. Cunningham, warranty deed.

• Richard Brownlee Jr. and Tiffany Michelle Brownlee to Wesley King and Marissa Lindley, warranty deed.

• South and Associates PC and Robert L. Simington to US Bank National Association, foreclosure deed.

• Dorothy L. and Attley E. Bundy to Attley E. Bundy, trustee, Dorothy L. Bundy, trustee and Bundy Family Trust, warranty deed.

• Luis Roberto Vallee Colomb and Patricia M. Vallee to Luis Roberto Vallee Grant, quit claim deed.

• Jeannie S. Keller and Jeannie S. Keller, trustee, to Jeannie S. Keller Trust, warranty deed.

• James R. and Mary E. Wilson to James R. Wilson, trustee, Mary E. Wilson, trustee, and Wilson Family Trust, warranty deed.

• Florian A. Hammer to David and Mallisa Holland, warranty deed.

• Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Bank of America NA, quit claim deed.

• Patricia and Anthony B. Monsees to Johnson Farms Inc., quit claim deed.

• Peggy and Dean Garlitz to Peggy and Dean Garlitz, warranty deed.

• Roger Marcum to Bruce W. and Dorothy Robert Arvizu, warranty deed.

• Charlotte A. Stewart, Tyler and Brooke E. Lampe to George S. Wolf, trustee and George S. Wolf Trust, quit claim deed.

• Earl and Glenda Finley to Glenda A. Finley, warranty deed.

• MCN Properties LLC to CR Capital Group LLC, quit claim deed.

• CR Capital Group LLC to MCN Properties LLC, warranty deed.

• Michael and Tonya Kindle to MCN Properties LLC, quit claim deed.

• Bank of America NA to Scott Matz, warranty deed.

• Nathan C. Smith to Christina Marie Smith, quit claim deed.

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