Pettis County’s apps approved by KCP&L

August 19, 2013

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“KCP&L has recently approved our application requesting permission to install three 25kw Net Metering Rooftop PV Solar Systems. One 25kw unit will be installed on the roof of the Pettis County Courthouse. Two 25kw units will be installed on the roof of the Pettis County Jail. One of the jail units will supply power to the jail and the other will supply power to the Public Safety Building.

“We have estimated that our county will save an average of $11,000.00 per year over the next 25 to 30 years. It is also estimated that almost 2,000 TONS of carbon dioxide will be eliminated from our footprint over the life of the panels. That’s like planting almost 47,000 trees.

“MC Power was been contracted to install the systems. You will see these workers in and around the three facilities for the next few weeks. Please welcome them to our facilities. Beginning Wednesday the County Commissioners and 911 vehicles will not park on north parking lot to allow workers access to the electrical supply etc.,” said John C. Meehan, Pettis County Presiding Commissioner.

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