Real Estate 8-7-13

August 7, 2013

in Real Estate

These recent real estate transactions have been reported by the Pettis County Recorder of Deeds:

• Don L. and Karin K. Cobb to Tyler A. Glenn, Gilbert C. Glenn and Laverne K. Glenn, warranty deed.

• Andrew David and Tara Miller to Coutney B. Hicks, warranty deed.

• US Bank National Association to Matz Properties LLC, quit claim deed.

• Donald D. Gates Revocable Trust to Jeffrey A. E. and Robin A. Blake, trustee’s deed.

• Charlotte L. Carter and Julie A. Rupp to Joshua A. and Laura E. Cornine, warranty deed.

• Kozeny and McCubbin LC, David A. and Ahrazue Wilt to US Bank National Association, foreclosure deed.

• Kozeny and McCubbin LC and Bethany J. and Joey L. Glaizer to Bank of America NA, foreclosure deed.

• South and Associaates PC and Douglas J. Sim to JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association, foreclosure deed.

• Robert L. and Wanda J. Gooch to Robert Lovene Gooch, trustee, Wanda Joy Gooch, trustee and Robert Lovene Gooch Trust, quit claim deed.

• Gregory T. Myers to Linda S. Myers, quit claim deed.

• Lisa and Duane E. Dixon and Jeff Dull, trustee, to Dixon Builders LLC, foreclosure deed.

• Linda J. Krebs to Clifford J. Lamp Living Trust and Georgia F. Lamp Living Trust, quit claim deed.

• Linda J. Krebs, trustee, and Clifford J. Lamp Living Trust and Georgia F. Lamp Living Trust to David White and Joyce Rehbock, trustee’s deed.

• S and W Foreclosure Corp. and Jack H. and Doris J. Knight to Riverview HECM Trust, foreclosure deed.

• Suntrust Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, warranty deed.

• Missouri Ridge Investments LLC to Doug Helm, warranty deed.

• Ronda M. Jackson to Mark A. Jackson, quit claim deed.

• Glenn D. Dawson Sr., Patsy Dawson, Clifford H. and Dorothy Dawson to Laurie Boer, warranty deed.

• Roy A. and Jacqueline K. Wood to Matthew and Paula Adams and Jacqueline K. Wood, warranty deed.

• Norma Crain and Mary Jo Shoop to You and Me LLC, warranty deed.

• Kristin M. Slaughter to Darrell W. Slaughter, quit claim deed.

• Norma Katherine Byrd to Allison and Nicholas Asbury, warranty deed.

• South and Associates PC and Amy S. and Lloyd W. Consolver III to Citimortgage Inc., foreclosure deed.

• Vicki Harris Smith to Eric Martin Smith, desolution.

• Lydia Lucille and Gary Craig to Rudolph Jeffrey Oelrichs, quit claim deed.

• Leonard Albert and Gaylynn Salmons to Rudolph Jeffrey Oelrichs, quit claim deed.

• Eugene G. Scotten, trustee and Eugene G. Scotten Revocable Trust to Eugene G. Scotten, trustee, and Eugene G. Scotten Trust, trustee’s deed.

• Morris E. and Gwendolyn J. Hinken to Joseph M. and Jessica M. Mango, warranty deed.

• Richard A. and Merrilee J. Weaver to Charles Lee and Sharom M. Clark, warranty deed.

• John W. Kelley to Michael K. Smith, warranty deed.

• Ronald and Stacie Neer to Infinite Legacy Spendthrift Trust, warranty deed.

• Mary Shawn Huffman to Brucer H. Huffman, quit claim deed.

• Stephen E. and Rosemary Harlan to John A. and Dawn C. Willbanks, warranty deed.

• John M. and Gwen M. Eppenauer to Don Christopher Blanchard, warranty deed.

• Nicholas W. Anderson to Jeffrey D. Patton, warranty deed.

• Michael Byrd to Strother Dillan Booze, quit claim deed.

• Arnold E. and Beulah Lee Peek to Ruben and Yuliana Barajas, warranty deed.

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