Real Estate 7-24-13

July 24, 2013

in Real Estate

The following recent real estate transactions have been reported:

• Keith and Marilyn K. McBrayer to Nathan J. Elmlinger, quit claim deed.

• Tommie F. Klein Sr. to Kenneth I. and Elva M. Smith, warranty deed.

• Judy Marie Hall to Harold J. Vanbooven Jr., warranty deed.

• 1001 Exchangor Inc. to Evans Farms LP, warranty deed (two transactions).

• JWK Trucking LLC to John McFail Jr. and Wilma J. McFail, quit claim deed.

• Simmons First National Bank to Ravinder S. Bassi and Mandeep Kaur, warranty deed.

• Jerusha Lynn White Trust and Jerusha Lynn White, trustee, to Kraig D. and Cheryl M. Crystal, trustee’s deed.

• Danny T. Moore to Marvin G. and Lorraine Reiff, warranty deed.

• Viktor and Vera Karpenchuk to Mikhail and Luydmila Andreyeva, warranty deed.

• Derek S. and Kristina A. Harden to Christopher C. and Jacqueline A. Cooley, warranty deed.

• William E. and Nancy W. Turns to William E. Turns, trustee, Nancy Wilson Turns, trustee and Turns Family Trust.

•Aida Rebato Vose to Richard Owen Vose, quit claim deed.

• Dana Marie Street and Dana Marie Street Sturgeon to Mark Wade McPadden, quit claim deed.

• Angela Marie Fox to Rudolph Jeffrey Oelrichs, warranty deed.

• Leonard Albert Salmons to Rudolph Jeffrey Oelrichs, warranty deed.

• Rodger L. and Julie A. Simmons to John M. Howad, warranty deed.

• Charles W. and Jewell Elaine Woody to Jewell Elaine Woody Revocable Trust and Charles W. Woody, trustee. warranty ded.

• Charles W. and Jewell Elaine Woody to Charles W. Woody Revocable Trust and Charles W. Woody, trustee, warranty deed.

• E. W. Thompson Inc. to Granite Lodge 272, warranty deed.

• Alan Marshall Investments LLC to Amber N. Neel, warranty deed.

• Lloyd J. and Roenna L. Wright to David C. and Jennifer R. Cachero, quit claim deed.

• Robert E. Thompson, trustee, Betty Sue Bennett, trustee, and Erma L. Thompson Trust to Robert E. Thompson, trustee, Barbara Ellen Thompson Trust, Barbara E. Thompson, trustee and Barbara Ellen Thompson Trust, trustee’s deed.

• Lester Neighbors to Meredith Love Menley, quit claim deed.

• Arthur L. Homan, trustee, Dorothy J. Homan, trustee and Homan Family Trusts to Kristin Leigh Largent, trustee’s deed.

• Kristin Leigh Largent and Robert Eugene Largent to Robert Eugene Largent and Kristin Leigh Largent, warranty deed.

• Randy C. and Deborah K. Smith to Jeffrey and Samantha L. Arnwine, warranty deed.

• Joseph Edward Honea to Suzanne McComas, quit claim deed.

• Rose M. Adams and Martin Leigh Laws and Fritzen PC to Federal Natinal Mortgage Association, foreclosure deed.

• Wilburn R. Poe Jr. and Krista M. Poe to Roy M. and Bryan H. Phillips, warranty deed.

Kim Toliver, trustee and Norris Family Trust to Brian J. and Phyllis J. Schwartz, trustee’s deed.

• Don R. Taber to Shaun Dale Taber, quit claim deed.

• Malleri Hiller to Nathan Hiller, quit claim deed.

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