Whalesong II released by local musician

July 22, 2013

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By Randy Kirby
Managing editor

Randy Melick’s newest recording effort, “Whalesong II,” is now available.

The seven-track CD features Sedalia songwriter and musician Melick on classical guitar and keyboards mixed with sounds of whales, sounds of the ocean and even tribal drums to create a sense of relaxation as it seamlessly progresses through the various pieces of music.

“Each song begins with a fade in and ends with a fade out. The reason behind this allows for continuous playback, avoiding any interruptions between tracks. I used a volume pedal with an electric guitar to simulate some of the various humpback whale sounds,” Melick said.

“The songs sung by humpback whales are present throughout this CD, helping to produce a very calm and relaxed state of mind,” he stated.

“This is mainly therapeutic for people who have a lot of anxeiety and stress in their lives,” Melick noted. The five-track “Whalesong I” was released in 2009.

“My goal is to write music for therapists, and sell this (CD) all over the country. I have a lot of people interested in it. Instead of just going to Wal-Mart and buying a relaxation CD, I can create something that they need,” he explained.

Randy Melick

Melick told of a woman who has a 10-year-old autistic son who has a hard time winding down at night.

“The whales are so fascinating to listen to, that when the boy focuses on it, he just starts drifting back to sleep,” Melick said. “So it works, and the sounds penetrate stress, anxiety and other issues such as ADD and ADHD.

“This type of music is often played for the benefit of patients experiencing negative symptoms from various mental health disorders,” according to his website, Therapuetic strings.com. Listeners can preview one entire track from the CD, “Whale Lament,” at the site.

Melick spent six month producing the disc, which he personally copyrighted and published through Melick Music.

And the African drumbeats can facilitate meditation, yoga and study sessions, he noted.

Whalesong II is now for sale at Instrumental Influence, and also online at CD Baby here, where all seven tracks can be previewed. Currently, Melick has total of eight CDs for sale on the site. His music may be purchased on CD or downloaded.

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