KCP&L delivers fans to Salvation Army

July 19, 2013

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On July 10, KCP&L volunteers delivered fans to the Sedalia area at the Salvation Army for residents to pick up.  In the photo: Mark Dawson (far left) from KCP&L delivers fans to the Salvation Army in Sedalia. With him are Lt. Jared & Lt. Tonia Collins, new officers for The Salvation Army.

KCP&L wants to ensure its customers stay safe and cool as temperatures and heat indices in Kansas and Missouri increase.

During the current heat wave, KCP&L is partnering with local service agencies to distribute fans to those in need. KCP&L volunteers will deliver fans directly to the agencies and in some areas will assist with fan distribution. Fans in the Sedalia area will be delivered to the Salvation Army on Wednesday, July 10 for residents to pick up. The Salvation Army will distribute the fans based on its policies.

“Keeping our customers safe during extreme heat is our top priority,” said Corey Miller, KCP&L East and Southeast Districts manager. “In addition to providing fans we want to share with our customers several easy steps they can take to stay cool this summer.”

A few tips include:

• Seek a cool public place, such as a library or mall if you don’t have air conditioning or fans.

• Use ceiling and portable fans to circulate air.

• Drink plenty of water and avoid strenuous activity.

• Wear loose fitting, lightweight, natural fiber clothing.

• Never leave children or pets unattended in enclosed vehicles. It takes only a few minutes for a closed up vehicle to reach temperatures in excess of 140 degrees.

For more tips about how to stay cool and save energy during heat waves visit www.kcpl.com/storm/heat_safety.html. For information about assistance programs, KCP&L customers can call the Customer Care Center at (888) 471-5275. Photo courtesy KCP&L.

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