Real Estate 7-10-13

July 10, 2013

in Real Estate

These recent real estate transactions have been reported:

• Dixie R. Sanders, Joyce E. Dale and Cerita E. Stewart to Deana L. Williams, quit claim deed.

• Vernon L. and Barbara E. Duncan and Grant Duncan to Jeffery L. and Susan M. Morris, warranty deed.

• Gary Hays to Gary Hays and Charles Thompson, warranty deed.

• Kozeny and McCubbin LC and Mark A. and Mary Pringle to Bank of America NA, foreclosure deed.

• US Bank National Association to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, warranty deed.

• Reynaldo Lemus Gallardo, Gallardo Reynaldo Lemus, Hunia Lemus, Cisneros Daniel Lemus, Daniel Lemus Cisneros and Virginia Serrano to Cisneros Daniel Lemus, Daniel Lemus Cisnros and Virginia Serrano, quit claim deed.

• James and Anna J. Krause to Lisa A. Hartmann, warranty deed.

• Estate of Goldie M. Blaylock to Nancy J. Richmond, Steven R. Blaylock, Thomas G. Blaylock and Charles S. Blaylock, final settlement.

• Bank of America NA to George H. Ditzfeld, warranty deed.

• Charles Steen Henderson to Bryon and Casey Henderson, warranty deed.

• Gavin and Kristin Miller to Randall A. and Michele L. Woods, warranty deed.

• HSBC Mortgage Services Inc., to Ronald and Stacie Neer, warranty deed.

• Kendrick and Marilyn Shrock to Clarence L. and Mary Shrock, warranty deed.

• L. Dewayne and Mildred A. Duncan to Thomas G. and Diane M. Eschbacher, warranty deed.

• Estate of Anna Marie Mitchell, Andrew Max Klein and Charlene Patricia Ferguson to Brian D. Vinson, conservator deed.

• Floyd H. Kronk III to Milo Lee Butts, trustee, Susan M. Butts, trustee and Butts Family Revocable Inter Vivos Trust, warranty deed.

• Cynthia S. Dick and Estate of Alan Ray Felten to Arnold and Beulah Peek, representative’s deed.

• Emilie Lorene Herigon, trustee, Margaret Lucille Ellebracht, trustee and Emilie Emma Gerke Revocable Trust to Billy R. and Jennifer A. Reynolds, trustee’s deed.

• Shirley Colvin and James T. Buckley, trustee, to Robert H. Upton, trustee, Dorothy L. Upton, trustee and Upton Family Trust, foreclosure deed.

• Nicole M. Delimont and Matthew J. Pachta to Kevin N. Edwards, warranty deed.

• Bank of America NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, warranty deed.

• Martha Jo Doogs to Timothy and Gina Doogs, quit claim deed.

• Sullivan Builders LLC to Scott A. Johnson, warranty deed.

• Queen City Electric Co. Inc. to Pecan Properties LLC, warranty deed.

• Dolly V. Cobb to Brandon A. Scott, quit claim deed.

• Russell L. and Sherry L. Bellamy to Earl J. and Virginia W. Luebbering, warranty deed.

• Rebecca P. Hutson to Regan L. Hostetler, warranty deed.

• William Douglas and Donna Lynn Haley to Tana Marie Murray, quit claim deed.

• Alona Boyko and Oleksandr Shershyn to Lesya Boyko, warranty deed.

• Curtis A. and Jessica A. Pyle to Larry D. and Shata B. Layton, warranty deed.

• Kenneth Lee and Sharon Mae Pauls to Patrick Simons, quit claim deed.

• Robert E. Thompson, trustee, Betty Sue Bennett, trustee and Erma L. Thompson Trust to Robert E. Thompson, trustee, Barbara E. Thompson, trustee, Robert Earl Thompson Trust and Barbara Ellen Thompson Trust.

• Robert E. Thompson, trustee, Betty Sue Bennett, trustee and Erma L. Thompson Trust to Betty S. Bennett Revocable Living Trust, trustee’s deed.

• Shirley J. Thomason to Charles R. and Cindy L. Maledy, warranty deed.

• Pavel and Nataliya Brenici to Kince L. Ward, warranty deed.

• Joshua and Sara A. Howell to Anton and Christina Zaytsev, warranty deed.

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